Hitman 3 PS4 – Crashes with CE-34878-0 Error Code | How to fix

Hitman 3 published by IO entertainment is the 3rd and final installment in the Assassination Trilogy which also includes Hitman 1 and 2. The game has improved a lot in terms of visuals and gameplay details over its previous installments. However, for PlayStation 4 users, it seems like the game is crashing a lot.

At times with an Error Code of CE-34878-0. The game would at times crash on startup as well. If you are wondering how to get this annoying problem fixed you have come to the right place. Let’s find out how.

Hitman 3 PS4 – Crashes with CE-34878-0 Error Code | How to fix

Since it is very difficult to actually pinpoint the exact cause of the issue, we need to basically eliminate all possible factors which could potentially lead to a crash on the PS4. Just follow these  easy steps :

Corrupted Save Data file for Hitman 3 :

Corrupted Save Data could be the most logical reason for the game to crash on startup or after reaching a specific point. We would lose our single player progress but it is better than having the game interrupted by multiple crashes and freezes.

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Then choose the option Storage
  • You will get a list. Choose Saved Data
  • Then select Hitman 3 from the list and press Options on your controller
  • You will get the Delete option on the right of your screen. Hit that
  • You can select single or multiple saved files and delete them
  • This will remove the saved data from the storage.

Rebuilding the PlayStation 4 Database :

Database issues are very common in PS4. We often need to clear out the cached data and rebuild the database in order to get our console to run faster and smoother. It could also help with any crash-related issues.

  • Make sure the console is turned off completely. There should not be any lights on the console.
  • Take out the power cable from the back of the console.
  • Leave it unplugged for 2 -3 minutes. This clears out the cached data
  • Then plug it back and press the power button.
  • You will hear a beep and when you do just keep holding down the button until you hear another beep after 8 seconds and this is when you let go.
  • The console will be booted in Safe Mode.
  • Plug in your controller using the USB. 
  • Press the PS button as prompted on the screen
  • Then select the Rebuild Database option.
  • This might take a while depending on the amount of storage you have on the console.

The Face Recognition Feature is Bugged:

The Face Recognition Feature had always been buggy. This feature made some of the games crash and would give you an error code of CE-34878-0. This is how you can disable this feature :

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Select Login Settings
  • Uncheck the box next to Enable Face Recognition 
  • Restart your console.

Reinstalling Hitman 3 :

Reinstalling the game could do the trick. A fresh download is what we are looking for over here :

  • Select Hitman 3 and press  Options on your controller
  • Just choose Delete and then press OK.
  • Then go to Library
  • Select Purchased
  • Select Hitman 3 from the list and hit Download on the left side of your screen.

Initializing your PlayStation 4 :

This basically comes as a last resort. Initializing would actually reset the OS of your console. As a result, you will lose all data and saved games. So let’s see how we can actually backup our saved games first :

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Scroll down and you would find Application Saved Data Management. Select that
  • Then select Saved Data in System Storage from the list you get
  • Then hit Upload to Online Storage
  • A list of games installed on your console appears on the screen. Press the Options on the controller and select Select Multiple Applications.
  • Choose Select All from the right side. Select Upload.
  • If you get a prompt for an override, check the box for Apply to All and select Yes.
  • This will store only the saved data for the game on your Cloud storage.

We are now done with the backup. The next step would be to initialize the PS4. This is how it is done :

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Initialization
  • You will get two options Quick and Full
  • Full Initialization normally takes a few hours. We recommend that you select Full

We now basically have a brand-new PS4. Disable the Face Recognition feature as I said before. We just need to download the games we had before. For the saved data we just need to follow these simple steps :

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Move down and select  Application Saved Data Management
  • Then choose Saved Data in Online Storage
  • Choose Download to System Storage
  • Select Hitman 3 from the list
  • Select the saved data and hit Download at the bottom of the screen

Hopefully, these steps will help you with any freezing or crashing-related issues with Hitman 3 on your PlayStation 4. Enjoy the game.

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