Hogwarts Legacy- How to Upgrade Broom or Customize it

Are you wondering if brooms are upgradable or customizable in Hogwarts Legacy?

Well, this guide will answer all of your questions.

Hogwarts Legacy- How to Upgrade Broom or Customize it

Hogwarts Legacy is a much-awaited Harry Potter game that takes place 200 years before he existed. It is more of a game related to the wizarding world than Harry Potter himself.

It is an immersive, open-world action RPG that lets you explore and discover secrets of the mysterious wizarding world.

The graphics in the game is outstanding. This is the first time we will be able to experience Hogwarts and its surroundings with such amazing details.

How does a Broom work in Hogwarts Legacy?

The world in Hogwarts Legacy is huge. So huge that it might become impossible to travel on foot. This is why the developers have introduced the concept of mounts like brooms, Hippogriffs, and Thestrals.

Hippogriffs and Thestrals are excellent when it comes to exploration but they fly slower than brooms. Yes, brooms are the fastest in the game but there is a catch. You can only boost up your speed on the ground, but when you go higher up in the air you do it at the expense of a meter.

Over here you could see the yellow meter. It depletes as you go higher. You can still go max speed closer to the surface. The moment the bar goes empty you slow down and come back closer to the surface automatically.

This is kind of annoying considering how amazing it feels traveling on a broom.

Can Brooms be Upgraded or Customized?

Brooms are pretty good to travel, but the fact that you need to depend on a meter is pretty lame. Especially because the meter runs out so quickly. But the developers did confirm that you can upgrade your broom.

There is a Broom owner at the Sporting Goods Store in Hogsmeade village who is trying to perfect broom making and get better at it. It is basically a broom shop and they sell a variety of brooms. You can also get cosmetic customizations for your broom or buy new brooms from that store. You can also help the shopkeeper out he may sell upgrades for your broom.

The upgrades we are talking about are basically how long you can stay at the highest distance or how high you can fly above from the ground level. The better the upgrades the costlier it would be. Or you can straight up buy a better broom.

So yes, there are ways in which you can upgrade your broom and make it better.

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