How to Become a Demon in Wisteria 2

How to Become a Demon in Wisteria 2- Wisteria 2 is a Demon Slayer Roblox game. If you have watched the anime the game might become simpler for you. In case you haven’t, it is highly recommended that you do or else you would be clueless about the game.

Wisteria 2 lets you play as a Demon Slayer or a Demon. The path you chose will have different quests and progression. Path of a Demon is a gruesome one indeed.

In this guide, I would be telling you how you can easily become a Demon in Wisteria 2 Roblox game.

How to Become a Demon in Wisteria 2

You cannot start off as a Demon in Wisteria 2. You need to complete the main quests until you meet the guy named Yoshi who has the answers to almost everything in the game.

There will be a ton of questions you can ask him in the game. Scroll down and choose this one: “I want to follow a different path. (Demon)“.

He would ask you to find a bald guy. Look around and you would find this bald guy nearby.

Talk to him and he would give you a quest. You need to talk to “Him” or Machigai Tenshi. The map would show you the location so can just follow the marker and find him.

Talk to this guy and complete the conversation. He would tell you where to go.  Follow your map and head to the next location. You would meet up with Asahi Tsugikuni. This guy looks downright creepy, to be honest. He has that weird smile that creeps me out.

He would ask you to do two tasks.

The first one would be to visit Chikazuki. He would try to fight you and you need to defeat him. After that, Asashi would appear out of nowhere and give you the option to either Spare him or End him.

You need to select End him. As I said before the path is gruesome so you would have to be heartless.

The next one would be to do the same thing to Chikazuki’s mother. The same lady from the beginner’s Quest. You would need to End her too to prove that you don’t want to be the good guy in the game. Your skin color would turn dark and you are almost about to become a demon.

Now, go back to Machigai Tenshi and talk to him. You would get a loading screen after which you would see yourself as a Weak Demon.

That is how you can become a Demon in Wisteria 2 Roblox game.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides.

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