How to Cycle/Change Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Cannot cycle through spells in Hogwarts Legacy? No worries, you have come to the right place.

This guide will help you cycle through the spells you know and cast different spells during combat to help you dominate your opponent in a duel.

How to Cycle/Change Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy lets you dive into the world of witchcraft and wizardry as you get to play in one of the most beautiful wizarding worlds ever created in gaming history.

You are a student at Hogwarts who is starting off his magical journey from the 5th year. There is no link with the Harry Potter timeline since the story takes place a couple of hundred of years before him. So do not expect to see any familiar faces during the gameplay.

The world is huge and lets you explore freely and discover so many interesting things as you play along with the main story. Not only that you can breed magical creatures and perform tons of side quests as well.

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG which means you will be getting stronger as you progress through the game.  Don’t think that you would have all the spells at your disposal from the moment you start off your Hogwarts journey. You would have to play through the game and learn new spells as you progress.

How to Cycle through spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

One of the main questions that users have regarding combat gameplay is how can you use all these spells in a duel. Let’s say you have learned 20 spells so how on earth will you use all of them in a battle? If you have noticed, the character has only 4 spells that he or she could use while dueling an opponent and this makes it even more confusing.

Well, the developers have confirmed that you would be having 16 spells in sets of 4 that you could use at a given time. You can obviously customize your spell groups to suit your needs.

For example, you can have 4 spells for a regular duel, 4 for stealth, 4 for exploration, and 4 more of your choice.  So it is basically up to you, how you would want to set up these spell slots.

Remember, that spell slot can get earned as you progress through the game so do not expect to have all of them from the first day. Arranging spell slots correctly could help you achieve devastating combos that could finish off enemies in seconds or it may help you cope with spell cooldowns as well.

To cycle through your spell groups you have to press R2 (PlayStation) and RT (Xbox) and then use the D-pad directions to cycle through them.

There you go, that is how you can utilize all the spells you learn in Hogwarts Legacy.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Hogwarts Legacy.

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