How to Defeat Lord Saddler in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Final Boss Fight

How to Defeat Lord Saddler in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Final Boss Fight- The 2023 Resident Evil 4 Remake is a masterpiece like the original. In fact, if you ask me it is even better than the original because of the improved gameplay and amazing graphics.

I had always been a Resident Evil fan and the games never disappoint me. This one in particular exceeded my expectations.

Resident Evil games are quite famous for their amazing Boss fights. And if it is the last boss you are probably in for a really tough one. Lord Saddler is the final boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake and the boss fight is actually tougher than the other ones.

Osmund Saddler is the leader of the Los Illuminados cult. I always thought how big of a deal would this guy be and it turns out he is when he shows off his horrifying parasitic form.

How to Defeat Lord Saddler in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Final Boss Fight

The final boss fight begins when you reach the top of the tower and you see Ada tied up. Move closer to her and it triggers a cutscene where you shoot her free and Saddler attacks you. As he is strangling you Ada shows up and helps you out. Both start shooting Saddler and he eventually lets the parasites take over his body.

The boss fight is not the easiest one. Therefore make sure you have a lot of ammo and herbs to help you during the fight. You will get be getting resources while fighting the boss but still it is better to have a good reserve.

Phase 1:

If you notice carefully Saddler will have an eye on his limbs. When you start off the fight he will have only 2 eyes. Destroy both eyes and Saddler will get staggered. This is your chance to knife the eye in the middle as you move closer or you can just keep shooting. I would recommend knifing him though.

Right after you stab the center eye, he will rise back up and this time you will see more eyes on the limbs. The creature has 4 limbs, and you might see 3 eyes. However, there will be a cutscene that would trigger before you destroy all the eyes again. This time saddler will summon flying parasitic monsters that will try to make life even more difficult for you.

Take these flying things down and you may get ammo and herbs as reserves. There will also be crates lying around. Saddler then returns back on your platform with 4 eyes in total. Repeat the process of destroying the eyes and stabbing him when he is staggered 3 times in total.

Remember that shooting him on a limb may also stun him for 3 seconds. It is difficult to shoot the eyes since he just keeps jumping around. You can blast the barrels as well when Saddler is close to one. This can also stun him for 3 seconds.

Phase 2:

After stabbing Saddler 3 times, you will be taken to phase 2 of the boss fight. This is where you need a Biosensor scope.

You would see Saddler becoming even larger with a huge Orange Core which you need to destroy. However, randomly shooting it won’t help. You would have to shoot exactly at the center of the core to damage the parasite inside.

This is why you need the Biosensor scope.

Attach the scope to a strong rifle and aim with it. Shoot the parasite at the center of the core. If you are not using the scope then just keep shooting the center of the core. It will keep taking damage as you shoot it. Also, Saddler will try to attack you. Evade the attacks the moment it prompts you on the screen.

Keep shooting until you see a cutscene trigger where Ada will throw an RPG at you and ask you to use it. Pick that up and blow the parasite up into smithereens. That is how you defeat Lord Saddler in RE 4 Remake 2023.

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