How to Defeat Trolls Quickly (20 secs) in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you wondering how to defeat the giant Trolls really fast in Hogwarts Legacy?

Does it take ages to defeat these trolls and you get frustrated repeating the same attack pattern over and over again?

Well, this guide will help you defeat Trolls in around 20 secs or even less with a very unique strategy.

How to Defeat Trolls Quickly (20 secs) in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is by far the best Harry Potter game ever made. It is an open-world RPG where you get to experience the life of a fifth-year Hogwarts student.

The world is larger than any other Harry Potter game ever made. You are not confined within castle boundaries and that gives you a chance to explore the world outside Hogwarts. The Forbidden Forest, the Black Lake, Hogsmeade, and other wizarding villages.

The story is original and has no reference whatsoever to any of the Harry Potter books. Overall, the game is brilliant and a rightful contender for Game of the Year.

What are Trolls?

Remember the Giant monster who rampaged in the ladies’ bathroom in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? These magical beasts are called Trolls. They possess an enormous amount of strength and they hit you like a truck. However, they are known for being incredibly stupid.

They are huge and they have a lot of health. This is what makes them so annoyingly strong. It takes ages to take them down, at least if you fight them normally.

The Trolls will attack you in the same pattern over and over again. Two unlockables followed by a blockable and this thing goes on as long as you are within range. They may also try to tackle you by running towards you which is also an unblockable attack.  Lastly, they throw rocks at you which are of course blockable.

However, with the technique I am about to tell you, these things will go down in like 20 seconds.

How to Take Down Trolls really Fast in Hogwarts Legacy?

Defeating a troll normally takes a lot of time. They take very less damage and they have an enormous amount of health. However, there is a way in which you can take these things down in no time.

Firstly you would have to know the Unforgivable Curses- Crucio and Imperio.  Avada Kedavra kills the beast instantly so no point talking about that. I am talking about defeating the troll without the killing curse.

Imperio is the most important curse you need for this. When you see a troll, sneak up on him. Stay in range for an Imperio. Now cast the Imperius curse on him followed by Crucio. You can also start off with Crucio and then cast Imperio immediately.

The Ttroll would just stand there taking damage from the Cruciatus curse and doing nothing because of the Imperius curse.

Now, do not be scared and walk up to the Troll. Get close enough and now pet him. Nah! I am just kidding. Once you are close, you would see Petrificus Totalus pop up on him. Now, this spell pops up only when the enemy is unaware. However, the Imperius curse does exactly that and makes the troll unaware of what is happening.

Spam Petrificus Totalus constantly until you knock him out. It takes me around 5 of them to take down a Troll. The damage depends on your character’s level and offensive stats. You can also boost the damage done by Petrificus Totalus in the Talents option.

There you go, now you can take these magical beasts down in no time.  Let’s just say being a Dark Wizard has its perks.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more gaming guides.

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