How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23

This guide will teach you how you could perform a Power Shot and use it to your advantage in FIFA 23.

How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23 

FIFA 23 looks pretty nice visually and plays great too. The first thing you would realize when you play the game is that the movement of the players on and off the ball feels so different. The dribbling is improved and focuses more on little touches rather than spamming the right stick all day.

The game gives you a number of new features gameplay wise. These include new skill moves, acceleration types, jockeying, hard slides, and shooting as well. The addition to shooting would be the new Power Shot which increases your chances of scoring if you master it right.

Since technical dribbling is a focus in FIFA 23 you could use it to your advantage and make space for yourself to attempt the new Power Shot which we are going to tell you how to perform in-game.

Power Shot Guide in FIFA 23 :

The Power Shot as described by the developers is a new “High-Risk High Reward” type of shot. When we say that you have more chances of hitting the back of the net it is kind of obvious that there might be conditions applied.

Well, the power shot needs a lot of precision from the user to pull off correctly. This could mean that Power shots could be manual shots like the headers in FIFA 22. So if you are on the keyboard you would probably be relying on only 3 angles depending on your position in the pitch.

Normally when we have a new feature in the game it always stays overpowered until EA nerfs it till it becomes unusable. Let’s hope that would not the case.

So if you want to perform a power shot in FIFA 23 this is what you have to do :

  • Xbox: LB + RB + B
  • PlayStation: L1 + R1 + Circle
  • PC (keyboard) : Sprint + Player Run/Modifier + Shoot

As easy as the input maybe it would require a lot of skill to pull off this shooting technique.

When to use Power Shot in-game :

Now that we know how to do the Power Shot in FIFA 23 we must know when to use it and how to use it to our advantage in the game. As the name suggests this would be a pretty powerful shot but risky since it depends on your aim, unlike the regular assisted shots.

So it is important that you know when to use it. It cannot be used randomly like the regular shots. You just cannot turn and do a power shot since the defender will block it anyhow. What you need to know is that it needs some wind-up time. It is like getting ready to pull the trigger.

The windup time is there because firstly it is realistic. You would obviously take a while to shoot if you are going to shoot the ball like a bullet. Secondly, the time is there for you to aim at the goal properly. So use the windup time to your advantage.

Next, you must be in a situation where no one is around you within the windup time. Watch out for slides as well. So the safest way to pull this off would be a first-time power strike. Instead of knocking the ball into space and then shooting, the safer option would be to hit it the first time if you have the right angle. Try to take it with the stronger foot of the player.

You could also shoot it when you come off a dribble. But the dribble needs to be clean. What I mean to say is that there should be enough time after the dribble move to pull off a power shot.

Well, that would be it on Power Shots and how you could effectively use them in-game.

I hope the article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for the best guides on FIFA 23 all year long.

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