How to do Alley Oop in NBA 2K23

Wondering how to perform the Alley Oop in NBA 2K23 and Dunk on your opponents?

Well, we will teach you how. This guide will help you understand how an Alley Oop needs to be done in a game followed by a spectacular Dunk finish.

How to do Alley Oop in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is out on all platforms and the game looks and feels terrific. Although I had expected some visual upgrades from the current gen version.

If you are new to basketball games then you might just love it. However, players who had been playing this game for years now would not be so excited about the visuals though.

Dunking in NBA 2K23 looks fabulous. The animations are smooth and the dunks have a sort of impact on them. My favorite plays in basketball would be an Alley-Oop to a dunk finish. I remember how Lebron used to pull off those alley-oops from Dwayne Wade back in his Miami days.

How to perform Alley Oops in NBA 2K23 :

In case you do not know, an Alley Oop is a lobbed pass to the rim where the attacker would catch it mid-air and score a basket either off a layup or a dunk.  Alley oops are a beautiful sight in the game and here is how you do it.

PlayStation: Press the Triangle button twice to do the Alley Oop pass.

Xbox: Press Y twice to do the Alley Oop pass

PC (keyboard): Press the Lobbed Pass button twice to perform the Alley Oop. Or press 1 on the controller.

Alley Oop Timing :

The timing for an Alley Oop needs to be perfect in order to follow it up with a Dunk or a Layup. You need to wait and hold for the right moment. Normally Centers, Power Forwards, and Small Forwards can catch Alley oops since they are tall enough to have good reach.

It is not that Point Guards cannot catch the Alley Oop, it is just that they are not the tallest people to get it done effectively.

Once the player lifts up their hand and starts to make a run, alley-oop to them, and with the right timing you can finish it off with a dunk.

Here take a look at the video where James would get a ridiculously powerful dunk off an Alley Oop.

Alley Oops could be a really easy way to score if you understand the timing perfectly.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. And for more NBA 2K23 guides follow FPS Index.

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