How to do FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup in FIFA 22 FAST

This guide will help you complete the new FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team quickly.

How to do FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup in FIFA 22 FAST

The Bundesliga Cup is back again. It is different this time as it is the FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup which is going to give you tons of great packs once you start completing the objectives.

I would say the win-based cup objectives are the best thing that happened to FUT 22 this year. All you have to do is grind a little and get seriously super good packs in return. It is like EA has rewarded us with great packs throughout the year for grinding the cup objectives.

This time I would suggest you get all the wins and open the packs for exciting rewards.

How to Enter Bundesliga Cup FUT Friendly Mode :

Like the other cup objectives, we too have a dedicated friendly mode for this one too. These are the squad requirements :

  • You need an entire squad of Bundesliga players. This includes starting 11 and the sub bench.
  • You are allowed only 1 loan player.

Rules :

  • “First To..” rules imply that you would be playing Golden Goal. Whoever scores first wins the match.

Tips :

  • Do not go Constant Pressure from minute 1. The other team will be having full stamina and will easily counter you for a goal. You would end up losing.
  • Do not play Drop Back as it leaves too much space for the attackers to move, pass and shoot.
  • Play normal Balanced defense. Take your time to build up the attack.

Now that we know about the squad requirements, let’s quickly check out the objectives. Well, all you have to do is win matches. You have 10 attempts or matches every day for 7 days. So you are getting a total of 70 matches (only if you play every day) out of which you would have to win 27.

Try not to miss a day then you would be missing out on 10 matches which might make it difficult to get all 27 wins.

Bundesliga Cup Rewards :

Remember that all the rewards are Untradeable :

  • Win 3: 1 out of 3 84+ gold player pick
  • Win 6 -10: 1 out of 4 85+ gold player pick x 2
  • Win 14: 85+ Five-Player Pack
  • Win 18: 1 out of 3 Shapeshifters player pick
  • Win 22 : 85+ x 10  player pack
  • Win 27: 1 out of 4 93+ Shapeshifters player pick
  • Final Reward: 1 out of 4 94+ Shapeshifters player pick.

There you go, all that you need to know about the FUTTIES Bundesliga Cup objectives and how to complete them easily.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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