How to do FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 2 Matheus Cunha & Renan Lodi Objectives

This guide will help you complete all the objectives for the new FUTTIES Dynamic Duo II Matheus Cunha and Renan Lodi under the FUT Friendly Mode : La Liga Flair.

How to do FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 2 Matheus Cunha & Renan Lodi Objectives

We have FUTTIES team 2 out today and it looks pretty decent. However, what excites me more is the new Premium FUTTIES Dynamic Duo Matheus Cunha and Renan Lodi. I really loved the concept as these not only give you a green link to any La Liga player but you could also get two free objective cards from one particular set of objectives.

In other words, you get two brilliant cards with less grind. The focus was mainly on Brazilian players as all of these FUTTIES players we have today are Brazilians except for Tiago Djalo who is Portuguese.

On paper both the cards look pretty amazing. I would love to use that Matheus Cunha card with my Bale as a striker. Love the fact that EA gave him 5-star skills. Lodi is another fullback I would love to have in my squad.

How to Enter La Liga Flair :

Like last time the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo II will again have dedicated a Friendly mode. You would have to complete all the objectives under the La Liga Flair friendly mode and this is how you need to arrange your team.

  • You need to have players from at least 3 different clubs in your starting 11.
  • There should be at least 8 La Liga players in your starting 11. You can have more than 8 but not less.
  • Matches will have Classic rules and you will get 7 days to complete the objectives.

FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 2 Objectives Guide :

Let’s talk about the objectives now that you have the access to the La Liga Flair Friendly mode.

Quick Through: You need to score 3 goals from Through ball assists.

Victory in Metropolitano: You have to score with a Brazilian player in 4 separate wins. Make sure you have Brazilian forwards to increase your chances of scoring with one.

Samba Bros: You have to score a total of 15 goals. This objective would give you FUTTIES Renan Lodi

LaLiga Finisher: You have to score at least 3 goals with La Liga players in 3 separate matches which is 1 per game minimum while having the FUTTIES Renan Lodi in your starting squad.

Brazilian Maestro: You have to play 4 matches only while having FUTTIES Renan Lodi in the starting 11.

Seems like the objectives were pretty easy this time. Would recommend everyone to go ahead and complete the objectives as soon as possible.

I hope the guide was helpful enough. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 22.

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