How to do FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 3 Abraham & Veretout Objectives

This guide will help you complete the new Dynamic Du 3 Objectives easily and quickly under the FUT Friendly Mode Serie A Challenge.

How to do FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 3 Abraham & Veretout Objectives

The concept of Dynamic Duo is really good as you can literally get two free FUTTIES cards super easily. All you need to do is a little bit of grind and you are good to go.

Talking about the 3rd Dynamic Duo objectives or the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 3, we are the duo from Serie A. Abraham and Veretout from Roma FC. Abraham being English would give you good links to EPL players. While Veretout is French and I do not have to say more I guess.

The cards look pretty good on paper.  One of them has a 5-star skill move while the other one has a 5-star weak foot. Veretout could actually be an amazing box-to-box midfielder while Abraham would go up there as the striker.

How to Enter FUT Friendly Mode Serie A Challenge :

Like the other Dynamic Duo objectives, this one has a dedicated Friendly mode too. Here is what you need to do to gain access to it :

  • You need to have at least 8 players from Serie A in your starting 11.
  • There should be 3 or more players from Italy in your starting 11. You can have Italians who play in other leagues as well.

Rules : 

  • Well, there are no rules to the game mode. You would be playing a “No Rules” match. No fouls, No offsides nothing. Feel free to slide tackle your opponent when he is through on goal. Also, make sure you pass the ball when your player goes offside. I know it sounds pretty cheap but I didn’t make the rules here.

FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 3 Objectives Guide :

Let us talk about the objectives and how you can easily complete them. Remember you have to play all your games under the FUT Friendly Mode Serie A Challenge :

Serie A Assists:  You just need to get 3 Assists.

Forward Thinking: You have to score using forwards in 4 separate wins.  Forwards include ST, CF, LW, RW, LF, and RF. You can easily change your CAM to  CF and your LM and RM to LW and RW. This way you can increase your chances of scoring with a forward player. Winning the match is important.

Goal Getter: You need to score a total of 15 goals. This will reward you with FUTTIES Veretout

Serie A Finisher:  You have to score 3 Finesse shot goals in 3 separate matches. Green timing the shot would be crucial. Try not to take a finesse shot from inside the box. Take it from further out. This allows the ball to curve. You can also pass in front of the goal to score an easy finesse goal in an empty net. You need to have FUTTIES Veretout in your starting squad.

Serie A Maestro: You need to play 4 matches while having FUTTIES Veretout in your starting 11.

There you go, that is all you need to know about the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo 3 objectives and how to complete them fast.

I hope the guide was helpful enough. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 22.

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