How to do Guillotine Leg Drop with Undertaker in WWE 2K23 Showcase

Guillotine Leg Drop with Undertaker in WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode- WWE 2K23 is out on all major platforms and the game is even better than last year. Let’s say they improved upon whatever was missing last year and gave us an even better title.

I had always been a wrestling fan and WWE games really get me super excited. However, in recent years WWE games had not been up to the mark until last year when they completely re-designed the game and the combat system.

One of the most interesting things about WWE 2K games would be the showcase mode. Every year they have a different showcase mode that focuses on real-life events of wrestlers and you enact them in the game. This year we have John Cena again after 2K15 but this time we are focusing on the superstars who beat Cena instead.

How to do Guillotine Leg Drop with Undertaker in WWE 2K23 Showcase

The Undertaker is one of the superstars who managed to defeat John Cena. They had 6 encounters and each of the has 3 victories over the other. The one we are talking about here is the match that took place in WWE Vengeance 2003. 

The Big Evil squared off against The Doctor of Thuganomics in an epic fight where the Undertaker emerged victorious. WWE 2K23 manages to bring the match back to life again with various objectives in the game narrated by Cena himself.

Some of these objectives are pretty easy while a few could be extremely tricky to understand. Especially because there is no guide or hint and you have to figure it out yourself.

One of these objectives would be to perform an Apron Guillotine Leg Drop with the Undertaker on Cena.

What is the Guillotine Leg Drop?

If you are a wrestling fan you would know exactly which move we are talking about. The Guillotine leg drop is one of the most famous moves in the arsenal of the dead man.

However, if you are not a wrestling fan, or if you are very young and have not seen much of the Undertaker, this is a move where he places the opponent with his head hanging out from the apron. Then he climbs on the apron himself and does a leg drop on the head doing incredible damage to the opponent’s neck.

We have normally seen Undertaker do this while the opponent is lying down on the apron, however, this is where it gets tricky. In WWE 2K23 you cannot place the opponent like that with his head hanging out from the apron.

So how do we do this move?

How to do the move in the game?

Simple, just follow the instructions:

  • Get Cena inside the ring while you stay outside on the apron.
  • Now, wait for Cena to come to you. When he is in range you need to press the grapple button which is Circle (PS), B(Xbox), or L(PC Keyboard).
  • You will see that the Undertaker would place John Cena’s neck on the second rope and do a Guillotine Leg Drop.

It is not how the Undertaker would do the Guillotine Leg Drop and it is not how he did it in Vengeance 2003. But that is how the game makes you do it since there is no way you can place the opponent near the apron. If you Irish whip Cena he goes right inside towards the center of the ring.  Check out the video above.

Hence, follow this guide as it is the only way you can get this leg drop done.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K23.

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