How to do Shapeshifters Cup 2 Objectives in FIFA 22

This guide will help you complete all the Shapeshifters Cup 2 objectives quickly

How to do Shapeshifters Cup 2 Objectives in FIFA 22

Team 3 for shapeshifters is here and this is the first time this year that we are getting a 3rd promo squad. The best thing about the new squad would be the Shapeshifters Hero cards.

I would say it is a bold move by EA to bring back the hero cards in the form of Shapeshifters. The Ginola card looks sick and I wish I could be lucky enough to pack him.

Talking about luck, the more packs you would open the more chances you would have of packing a Team 3 card.  I have so many packs that I will be opening this week and to add more to that EA has dropped another win-based objective called the Shapeshifters Cup II.

How to Enter Shapeshifters Cup 2 Friendly Mode :

In order to complete all the objectives you would have to get access to the Shapeshifters Cup 2 Friendly mode. These are the requirements :

  • You cannot use more than 1 Loan player
  • Your team must have at least one Shapeshifters player or 1 FUT Hero Shapeshifters player. Any of the two would be okay. You can use both too.

Rule :

“First to…” means the Golden Goal rule. Whoever scores the first goal wins the match.

Shapeshifters Cup 2 Objectives Guide :

As I said before these are basically Win based on objectives. You have to win the games and the more wins you collect you get rewarded accordingly. The objectives would stay for 14 days and every day you would have 5 attempts or matches.

So you are getting a total of 14×5 = 70 matches. Out of which you would have to win 21 matches. However, you get 70 matches only if you play every day for 14 days. If you miss a day you would lose 5 matches from the total. So play every day.

Try not to go Constant Pressure as the other team will have full stamina in the beginning and would easily counterattack you and score to win. So start off with Balanced defending to play safe. Scoring the first goal would be the main goal so try to use your best team with your best tactics.

Rewards (Untradeable):

  • Loan Offer: Score 5 goals in any FUT game mode ( Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Champs) to get a Shapeshifters 7-game Loan card.
  • Win 1: two 80+ EFIGS Players Pack
  • Win 2: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Win 3:  Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Win 4: Summer Swap Token: Gonzalvez + Prime electrum Players pack
  • Win 5-6: Premium Gold Players Pack x 2
  • Win 7: Mega pack
  • Win 9: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack.
  • Win 11: 1 out of 3 84+ Player Pick
  • Win 13: Mega Pack
  • Win 15: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack.
  • Win 17: Mega pack
  • Win 19: Five 83+ rare EFIGS Players Pack.
  • Win 21: 1 out of 4 85+ Gold Player Pick
  • Final reward: Shapeshifters Player Pick x 2

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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