How to do Summer Swaps 4 Objectives FAST in FIFA 22

This guide will help you complete the Summer Swaps IV Objectives under Milestones in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

How to do Summer Swaps 4 Objectives in FIFA 22

Well, we are at the end of the Summer Swaps 2 campaign and EA has just dropped the last set of tokens for the campaign. It will be another Summer Swaps token dedicated set of objectives that will give you the final 9 tokens.

Yes, this time we have 9 tokens in total instead of 8 tokens that we generally get through these types of objectives. The extra token is for completing all the objectives which I think is fair enough at this point in time.

Like last time these will again be Nation based on objectives which I really enjoy since I was kind of tired of focusing on only leagues. The Nation based objectives actually brought some freshness to these objectives.

How to Enter One Nation FUT Friendly Mode :

These objectives quite like the last one will again have the same dedicated Friendly mode One Nation. Here is how you enter the mode :

  • You need to build an entire squad of players belonging to one particular Nation. This includes your substitutes.
  • Your Starting 11 should have at least 8 or more first-owned players. First owned means you have either packed the player or got him through objectives or SBC. Under Player Bio, the number of owners should be 1.
  • You cannot use more than 1 loan player in your squad.

Rules :

  • “First To…” implies the Golden Goal rule. Whoever scores the first goal wins the game. Try to use constant pressure from the start as the opponent team will have enough stamina to counter you easily. Try to play safe and get the first goal.
  • You will get a total of 4 attempts per day for 7 days. This makes it a total of 28 attempts or matches (provided you play every day).
  • You need to win 8 out of those 28 matches.

Tips : 

  • Do not play Constant Pressure or Drop Back.  Constant Pressure would leave you open for counters since the stamina of opponent players will still be high and they will easily counter you. Meanwhile, Drop Back would give your opponent too much space to pass, move and attack.
  • Use Balanced defending.
  • Try to avoid a kick-off goal by using a low-depth balanced initial tactic.
  • Do not play during Peak hours as the connection will be slow.
  • Avoid good players by immediately searching for a match after getting defeated by 1. Wait for a while before you search again.
  • Play every day to get the maximum number of matches.

Summer Swaps 4 Objectives Guide :

Let us talk about the objectives now :

Win 4 Poland: You need to win 4 Squad Battle games on minimum Professional or higher difficulty with 11 players from Poland in your starting lineup. You can always sub in better players after kickoff just to ensure the win. For rewards, you will get a 1 out of 3 84+ player pick and 2 Summer Swaps Tokens: Bertelli and Tracey 

Win 4 Switzerland: You need to get 4 Squad Battle wins on minimum Professional difficulty or higher while having 11 players from Switzerland in your starting lineup. Sub in better players after minute 1 to make the game easier. For rewards, you will get a 1 out of 3 84+ player pick and 2 Summer Swaps Tokens: Lopez and Stenevic 

One Nation Belgium: You need to get 4 wins in the Live FUT Friendly One Nation following the rules mentioned above with an entire squad of players from Belgium. Get rewarded with a 1 out of 3 84+ player pick and 2 Summer Swaps Tokens: Horvath and Isac. 

One Nation Brazil: You need to win 4 matches in the Live FUT Friendly One Nation following the rules mentioned above, with an entire squad of Brazilian players. The reward will be a 1 out of 3 84+ player pick and 2 Summer Swaps Tokens: Zapata and Majrashi. 

The final reward will be the 50th and the final Summer Swap 2 token: Taylor

There you go, that is it on the Summer Swap IV or 4 objectives and how you can get them done quickly.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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