How to do the FUTTIES Brazil Cup Objectives Easily

This guide will help you complete the FUTTIES Brazil Cup pretty easily in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

How to do the FUTTIES Brazil Cup Objectives Easily

The FUTTIES team 2 looks really good. With Ronaldo TOTS and Benzema back in packs again there could be a slight chance we might just go ahead and pack one of them. For that to happen you need to open more packs. What could be better than playing another Cup-based objective and earning plenty of high-rated packs?

Seriously, EA is being super generous as they are literally offering 84+ player picks over a few wins that you have to collect. The packs for the FUTTIES Brazil Cup look super good and I do not see a reason why anyone should skip these objectives.

How to Enter FUT Friendly Mode FUTTIES Brazil Cup :

Like all other Cup-based objectives this one too has a dedicated friendly mode. You need to get all your wins in the Friendly mode: FUTTIES Brazil Cup. These are the requirements :

  • Loan players are optional. But if you intend to use them you can only use 1.
  • You need to have an entire starting 11 consisting of Brazilian players. Sub Bench is not included.

Tips :

  • Try to use a good Brazilian Starting 11. If you have weak players in your starting 11, go ahead and sub them after kickoff with players whom you can rely on more.
  • Do the FUTTIES Dynamic Duo II objectives and get the two Brazilians Matheus Cunha and Renan Lodi before you start playing in the Brazil Cup.
  • Play with the best Custom Tactics you have. You can also check out our custom tactics as well.
  • You have a total of 5 matches or chances every day for 7 days. So basically a total of 35 matches out of which you need to win 27. This is pretty tough so you need to bring your best game every time.
  • If you match with an opponent who is better than you and beats you in a match, do not search again. You would only match with him again and end up losing another match. wait for 5-10 minutes before you search again.
  • Play during the morning or late at night when your gameplay is smoother

The FUTTIES Brazil Cup Rewards :

All rewards will be Untradeable :

  • Win 3 -6: 1 out of 3 84+gold players pick x 2
  • Wins 10-14: 1 out of 3 85+gold players pick x 2
  • Wins 18: 92+ SS/ EFIGS TOTS player pack
  • Wins 22: 2x 85+ Five Rare Players Pack
  • Win 27: 1 out of 3 92+ SS/EFIGS / Hero SS player pick
  • Final Reward: 1 out of 4 92+ SS/EFIGS / Hero SS player pick

I hope the guide was helpful enough. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 22.

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