FIFA 22 How to do the FUTTIES PL Cup Objectives Easily

This guide will help you complete the new FUTTIES PL Cup objectives easily under FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Milestones.

FIFA 22 How to do the FUTTIES PL Cup Objectives Easily

FUTTIES is here finally, and I am excited as well as sad at the moment. The game is almost about to end as FUTTIES would normally be the last promo of the year. However, there are rumors about another promo after this. It is not confirmed officially yet, so we cannot be sure.

FUTTIES is the time of the year when EA becomes extremely generous giving us insane value SBCs and objectives. The win-based cup objectives had always been terrific when it comes to rewards and this one too looks superb.

The rewards for this one look superb and I do not see a reason why anyone should even skip these objectives, You would literally get so much for almost nothing. And it is not even Squad Battle grind which eventually becomes extremely boring.

How to Enter FUT Friendly Mode FUTTIES PL Cup :

Just like the previous Cup objectives this one too has a dedicated Friendly mode. You would have to get access to the Friendly mode: FUTTIES PL Cup in order to complete the wins. This is how you enter the mode :

  • You cannot use more than 1 loan player in your entire squad which includes the sub bench.
  • You have to use an entire squad of Premier League players. This includes your starting 11 and your sub bench. Total of 18 PL players.
  • You can only use one club. So all the players (a total of 18) need to be from one particular club in the Premier League.

Check your squad and see which are the best players you have from the Premier League. I have Varane and Ronaldo from Man Utd and I would perhaps build a Man Utd team and do the objectives with it.

FUTTIES PL Cup Objectives Guide :

This is basically a Win based objective mode. It has the classic match rules you do not have to worry about getting the first goal. The mode will be there for 7 days. You will get 5 matches every day which gives you a total of 7×5= 35 games provided you play every day. If you miss one day you miss out on 5 matches. So the first point is to play 5 games every single day.

Out of 35 games, you would have to win 26 matches. Honestly, this is actually tough since you get only 5 attempts. Let me give you a tip. Do not play right after 18:00 UTC. Play during the morning time when your connection would be smoother and lesser chance for you to come across a good player.

You can also check out our website FPS Index for custom tactics that might help you get wins easily.

Rewards : 

Remember that all rewards would be Untradeable.

  • Win 3-6: 1 out of 3 84 + Gold Player Pick x 2
  • Win 10-14:  1 out of 3 85+ Gold Player Pick x 2
  • Win 18: 92+ SS/EFIGS TOTS Pack
  • Win 22: 85+ Five Players Pack
  • Win 26: 1 out of 3 92+ SS/ Hero SS / EFIGS TOTS Player Pick.
  • Ultimate Reward:  1 out of 4 93+ SS/ Hero SS / EFIGS TOTS Player Pick

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22-related content and guides.

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