How to Find Claire’s Left Leg in Atomic Heart | Puzzle Guide

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter game released on all major platforms. It paints an alternate history around 1955 but it is based more on futuristic elements such as AI.

The plot is extremely unique as you play Major Sergey Nechayev (codenamed Agent P-3), a WWII veteran. He is helping the scientist Dmitry Sechenov who developed a liquidized programmable module called the Polymer.

However, his experiments backfired when he tried to launch an advanced variation of the AI Kollective 1.0. A world where robots were friendly and handled much of the manual labor has now turned into a chaotic mess as they have turned hostile against humans.

How to Find Claire’s Left Leg in Atomic Heart | Puzzle Guide

In Atomic Hearts, you would have to complete missions in order to progress through the story. Claire is a disassembled robot whom you are helping out by gathering all of her missing body parts.

Finding her left leg will be a part of the mission called ‘The Major, The Witch, and The Warehouse’.

As you keep following the objective marker Claire would announce that you need to bring her the left leg from the maintenance room. You would eventually come to a place where there will be a Puzzle Lock on the door. There would be several other puzzles in the mission as well and we are here to help you solve all of them.

How to Solve the Puzzle Lock on the Door?

The objective marker would lead you to this door. Interact with the lock and you would get something that looks like this.

It is pretty clear that you would have to place the lights in their correct position (matching yellow with yellow and blue with blue). The dial can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise as well as the position of the lights could be changed.

Perhaps the most important thing about the puzzle is the placement of the light nodes. Speaking of which the pattern you need to create would be yellow (starting from the bottom), blue a gap of 1, and yellow again.

The most logical thing to do would be to create a pattern that looks like this (see the picture above) and just rotate the dial anticlockwise. This would place the lights in their correct positions and would unlock the door.

How to Solve All the Platform Puzzles to get Claire’s Left Leg?

After you enter the door, you would get to a room full of enemies. Defeat all of them and keep following the objective marker. You would soon reach an area with a wheel and platform behind it. The platforms will change as you rotate the wheel.

The basic logic over here would be to rotate the platforms until you find a clear path to the other side. Each platform depicts a different scenario and one of them would let you pass through.

This is the platform that you need to get to the other side. You can also jump down from the platform to get some loot. However, you will have to find your way back up again.

After this you would again get a similar puzzle but this time with 2 platforms. There will be a wheel outside which you can rotate to change the platform on the left.

Rotate the wheel to bring the platform with another wheel.

Now enter the platform and rotate the wheel 3 times to get the platform that would easily let you pass. Now go outside and rotate the first platform to change to another one that has no wall and would let you pass.

Both platforms should look like this. Now you can pass through and climb to the floor above you with the help of the crates on the second platform.

There will be several enemies you will have to defeat as you make your way to a big room with a similar-looking wheel in the center. Rotate it and the platforms would start to change. Jump while it is changing to get to the bottom.

You will again get a wheel after dropping down. Rotating this wheel would make both platforms on either side move simultaneously. Keep doing it until you get the platform that is shown in the picture below.

Now climb on top of this platform and you get to a small room with another wheel. Rotate once for the platform you are standing on to lower it down.

Walk towards the left and you will get a yellow pipeline. Climb on that and then jump to the platform on the other side.

Keep following the objective marker and you would get to an area where you have to fight two Robots that you have not seen before. They are kind of like bosses.


Defeat them and then retrieve the leg from the back of the wrecked car.

There you go, that is how you can easily solve all the puzzles and get Claire’s left leg in Atomic Heart. It is a difficult mission indeed and I hope this guide made things easier for you.

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