How to Find MP COLLECTOR in The First Descendant

Are you looking for the MP Collector Module for your Descendant?

You have come to the right place as we help you with an easy early-game farming method for the MP Collector.

Where to Farm the MP Collector Module in The First Descendant:

The MP Collector is an extremely rare module that comes under the Ultimate Category for Descendants. It helps you regain 12.2% of Max MP at the 4% chance when defeating enemies. Now we all know how crowded it becomes when you fight hordes. This Module lets you get back some of your MP almost every time giving you an almost infinite pool of Energy. As a result, you can go ahead and Spam your most powerful Skills and complete missions in the blink of an eye.

However, farming this module is easier said than done. The process is quite long and you would have to get used to the grind. Firstly, you need to unlock the location called Vespers on your World Map. Once you do that follow these steps.

How to Farm the MP Collector Module:

As you play missions and unlock regions in Vespers you will eventually unlock the location where you can farm this module.

  • Open the Map
  • Go to Access Info
  • Now go to Module
  • Select Descendant and look for MP Collector
  • Once you find the mod, Go to Acquisition Info.
  • You will get a list of all the missions where the Module can drop. Although the chances are pretty low around 1 to 2%)
  • I would recommend doing the first one. Verpes Void Fusion Reactor- Vespers Ruins. 

However, you would need to have both Polymer (11) and Monomer Void Shards (4) to enter this Mission.

You can obtain these shards by destroying Void Fragments. But there is a catch. You can destroy these Void Fragments with specific skills. For example, if a Void Shard requires Fire Skill and you do not have a Fire Descendant, then you won’t be able to destroy the Fragment unless you have one in your party.

How to Farm Polymer and Monomer Void Shards:

To Farm both Polymer and Monomer Void Shards together, you can head over to this Void Fragment location.

  • Go to Sterile Land
  • Head to the bottom left of the map
  • The Fragment location is marked on the map above.

You can destroy this Void Fragment with an Electric Skill and we will all have Bunny by this point. Equip the descendant and head to the location. Use your 1st Skill to start breaking the fragment. You will encounter 3 waves of enemies and after each wave, you will get a chance to destroy the fragment with an Electric Skill.

Once you destroy it completely you will receive 1 Polymer and 4 Monomer Void Shards. Now I know, the count is quite low but this is just for Early Game. You will come across much better locations as you progress in the game.

The mission is re-doable. So you can farm as many times as you want.

That will be all on how you can farm the MP Collector in The First Descendant.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS INDEX for more guides on The First Descendant. 


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