How to Get Action Figure John Cena in WWE 2K23

Get Action Figure John Cena in WWE 2K23- WWE 2K23 is finally out on all platforms and I am absolutely loving the game at the moment. It seems like the game is a much improved version of last year’s installment. There are loads of new features added to this game which makes it one of the best WWE games in recent years.

I am a huge John Cena fan and the showcase mode really got me super excited. Unlocking all the cool versions of John Cena along with the late Ruthless Aggression era and early PG era superstars was certainly fun.

Talking about all the cool John Cena versions, there is a Secret John Cena card in MyFACTION mode which is bound to blow your mind. This secret card that you unlock in MyFACTION mode would also be playable and guess what it could be?

It is actually an Action Figure model of John Cena. Imagine playing with a gigantic action figure. Sounds hilarious indeed and it is something you most definitely need to get.

The moment I saw this model I wanted to get it unlocked as soon as possible. If you too want to play with this version of John Cena, follow this guide. We have steps that you help you get this cool model in the game.

How to Get Action Figure John Cena in WWE 2K23

Firstly, let me tell you that this John Cena card was actually discovered by data miners. They found this card available for MyFACTION mode and there is only one way of getting this item.

Apparently, you just cannot get it by playing the game. You need to actually purchase a Mattel WWE action figure from either Walmart or

Here is a snapshot of the action figure package. It is sort of a WWE 2K23 promotion by Mattel. There is a QR code in the picture which you can scan to get to the website. 

Follow these steps to get the Action Figure John Cena in WWE 2K23:

  • Go to Walmart physically and buy a Mattel WWE Action Figure or just purchase from
  • You need to make the purchase between the 1st of March 2023 and the 16th of September 2023.  
  • Star or check the item and the date on your receipt.
  • Take a clear photo of the Receipt
  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click on Get Started
  • Upload the photo of the Receipt.
  • Once you submit it, you will receive an automatic confirmation and a registration form. Fill in the registration form. In case you do not receive a confirmation or offer code, email at [email protected].
  • They would most probably give you a Locker Code for this card.
  • Go to MyFACTION and head to Locker Codes. Enter the Code and redeem the Ruby John Cena Action Figure card

Sadly. if you are in a different country Walmart will not ship the product to you. However, you can try using Package Forwarding Agents but I cannot assure you of any product security. You will have to research it yourself and take steps accordingly. 

That is how you can actually unlock the Action Figure John Cena in WWE 2K23.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K23 and other games.

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