How to Get Big Shot Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2

How to Get Big Shot Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2- Dead Island 2 is the 3rd major installment in the series and the sequel to the 2011 Dead Island game. This time we find ourselves in San Francisco and Los Angeles fighting hordes of Zombies in the quarantined city.

The game is very different from its previous installment, improving on every little thing and making it arguably better. There is a lot of loot for you in the game and finding them could at times be difficult.

In this guide, we would be talking about the Big Shot Legendary Revolver and how you can find it in the game. The weapon might be small but trust me when I say that it can take down zombie groups in no time. It is like a mini grenade launcher that shoots 3 bullets that explode giving you excellent crowd control.

Legendary weapons can only be obtained once you complete the main story.


How to Get Big Shot Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2

In order to get the Big Shot Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2, you would have to complete the quest called It’s Not Your Fault. Talk to Luciana in the lounge at Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air.

You need to find the seismologists in the sewers who would have the keys and the data. As you track the quest you would get to the sewer entrance. There will be a car and a corpse with a note that says Seismometer placement nearby. Pick that up and head to the tunnel entrance.

All Seismometer Keys and Seismometer Location in It’s Not Your Fault:

1st Key and Seismograph:

We need to look for 4 Seismometer keys and Seismometer Data. Enter the tunnel and make your way to Brentwood Sewer.

When you reach this place turn left and you would find the first Seismometer Alpha key and Seismograph

2nd Key and Seismometer:

For the second key, you need to make your way to Venice Storm Tank.  You would eventually find a dead Seismologist with the Seismometer key Beta.

Collect that and you would find the seismometer a little ahead of you.

3rd Key and Seismometer:

The Seismometer Gamma or the 3rd Seismometer is in the office area as you follow your objective marker. However, the key would be somewhere else.

Go down and then head to the place where you need to turn off the flames with the gas pipe lever. Look in the meat slurries and you would find the key.

4th Key and Seismometer:

The last Seismometer key would be in the main storm tank. The quest would ask you to “find the seismometer somewhere in the slurry”. This is where it may get confusing.

The moment it says that you would need to go straight and take the first right. Then take the first left followed by the first left again. The path will now be divided into two. Take the right path followed by the first left and right again.

Now head straight and you would find the Seismologist alive but you would have to put him out of misery since he has now become a zombie. Grab the Seismometer Delta key and the Seismometer Delta data.

Survive the zombie attack and return to Luciana with the data and the keys.

The quest will be completed and the Legendary Revolver Big Shot will be unlocked as a reward.

That is how you can get or unlock the Big Shot Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Dead Island 2.

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