How to Get Honey in Raft

This guide will help you farm Bee Jars and Honeycomb in order to make Honey and Beehives in Raft.

How to Get Honey in Raft :

Raft is a survival game that leaves you all alone in the ocean with nothing but a raft and a hook. The game unlike any other survival game has a very unique concept.

All that you see around you is the vast sea and this is what makes survival challenging. You would have to gather all the resources that you can and build yourself a home on the raft.  You could also play the game along with a friend.

There are loads of resources in Raft. Some of which are easily obtainable while some could be very hard to find. Honey is one of the most important resource in the game as it helps you build Biofuel.

How to get Bee Jars and Honeycomb in Raft :

Honey is not an easily obtainable resource in Raft. You would have to spend some time farming it. However you are clueless  about this I am here to help you out. I will be guiding you on how you could easily get honey and also get a steady supply of it.

First thing you would need is a Sweep Net.

To craft one you would need :

  • 15 Plank
  • 6 Rope
  • 2 Vine Goo
  • 1 Bolt

Once crafted you are now ready to farm Bee Jars. Head over to the Balboa Islands since that is where you get bees and honeycombs. Check out for the swarms of bees that look like this.

Go ahead and take a swing at them. You will be able to catch them in your net. These will be counted as Bee Jars and you need to get quite a few. Try to get at lest 25 or 30 bee jars. You can obviously get more if you want.

Next would be honeycombs and they look like this.

Collect as much of these as possible. You might find them sticking to rocks, logs or trees.

Also be careful in the island as it is full of bears that might attack you. You need to have a weapon with you as well. If you can sneak past them its good just don’t let them find you.

How to Build Beehives and make Honey :

Now that you have collected all the resources head over to the workbench and research on the Bee Jars. You would get an option to learn how to build a Beehive. Go ahead and learn that. Also research on honeycomb and you would get an option to learn ho to make Honey.

This is what you would need to craft a Beehive :

  • 20 Plank
  • 8 Plastic
  • 4 Clay
  • 2 Hinge
  • 15 Bee Jars

Once crafted you have to make sure that you grow flowers around the Beehive. You need to have the crop plots all round the hive. You can even use shoes to grow flowers. Water the plots and as the flowers start growing you could see the bees flying around the hive and the flowers.

Now the seagulls might come and eat the flowers you have grown. Build a Scarecrow near the hive to keep them off.

It will take 6 hours to actually see honey dripping from the sides of the hive. This mean you can now get honeycomb from the hive. It takes 6 hours to get 3 honeycombs. The beehive will not give you honey straight away. This is how you craft honey :

  • 6 Honeycomb
  • 1 Glass

That is it for crafting honey in Raft. It is a lengthy process and I hope this guide helped you out.

Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also keep following FPS Index for more guides on Raft.

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