How to Get Kurt Angle 03 with Hoodie in WWE 2K23

Get Kurt Angle 03 with Hoodie in WWE 2K23- WWE 2K23 is finally out on all platforms and the game seems to be even better than last year. The WWE games from 2K15 onwards were disappointing until they decided to remake the entire game.

A new combat system with more graphical details is what the franchise needed. And this year it seems to have improved upon the flaws there were in the previous installment.

Also, the showcase mode this year lets you relive the Ruthless Aggression and early PG era. We get to play important matches that John Cena could not manage to win in his career. One of these would be his debut match against Kurt Angle.

Young Cena, even though he lost the match but managed to create an impact through his performance. Once you play and complete all objectives of this match in the showcase mode, you get to unlock Kurt Angle 02.

Kurt Angle back then was an excellent heel. However, the best version of Kurt Angle that most of us will agree with is the 2006 Wrestling Machine persona.  This is the version where Kurt Angle looked unstoppable and dominated even the strongest wrestlers in the industry with his flawless technique.

How to Get Kurt Angle 03 with Hoodie in WWE 2K23

WWE games have always let you create wrestlers of your own. Not only that, but you could also edit the attires of current wrestlers as well.

WWE 2K23 gives you a huge range of customization options that you can use to edit superstars’ attires. There are a lot of tops available for Kurt Angle too.

Just before his “wrestling machine” persona, he used to walk down the ramp wearing a Hoodie which really made him look cool during his entrance. Not only that he was an excellent face during this time (’03-’05) and made Brock Lesnar tap out which by no means is a joke. This version of Kurt Angle undoubtedly was my personal favorite.

However, the sad part is that I could not find the hoodie anywhere in the customization options.

So how do we get this version of Kurt Angle ’03?

Like always the “Community Creations” comes to the rescue. You will always find someone who manages to upload exactly what you want in the game.

All you have to do is go to Online>Community Creations>Downloads

In your search options, you can use the creator’s name or any of the hashtags given in the picture.

  • Creator name: RunInOutlawL TD#37898
  • Hashtags: KurtAngle
  • Model Name: ’03 & ’05

I really appreciate the creator’s work here. He took so much effort into creating this model of Kurt Angle from 2003. Although the hoodie is not a hundred percent accurate, this is the best you can get since we do not really have the jacket in the game.

Go ahead and get this version of Kurt Angle from Community Creations. Click on Download and do not forget to “Up Vote” as well. Look for the superstar with the name ’03 & ’05 in the superstar select screen and you are good to go. You can also Import the Clothing Parts to your existing Kurt Angle model, to get his commentary as well.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K23 and other games.

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