How to get Ragetail Plum easily in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an RPG set in the mysterious land of Azuma. You play as a monster hunter whose sole purpose is to take down the monsters or Kemonos. 

Azuma inspired a lot of feudal Japan and the game has excellent graphics and animations that make everything feel so real and smooth.

You can choose from a variety of weapons that has their own pros and cons along with Fortnite style instant crafting that helps you in combat.

There is a lot more to this game than just fighting monsters or Kemonos. Looting is essential for building up gear and making yourself stronger as the game progresses.

How to get Ragetail Plum easily in Wild Hearts

In order to level up your gear you would need ingredients and other variety of loot like any other RPG. The Ragetail Plum is a specific ingredient that lets you build high-level armor sets.

I would not say that the item is super rare as you get it from a Ragetail which is one of the very first Kemonos you face. But there is a trick involved that you need to know if you wish to get a Plum from them.

While most of the items you get in the game are dropped by finishing off the Kemonos, the Ragetail Plum is not that simple to get.

If you have noticed carefully, the Plum is attached to the tail of the monster and simply taking it down won’t get you the Plum. You would have to attack its tail until the Plum falls off and then finish off the enemy.

Where to Find Ragetails in Wild Hearts?

Even though Wild Hearts is not exactly an open world but the area designs are large enough for you to explore. However, you are more likely to find certain Kemonos in certain locations only.

If you are hunting the Ragetail, the probable locations would be Windswept Plains, the Tavern Ruins, and the Deserted Granary.

Once you encounter the monster, attacking its head is the easiest way to defeat it, but be careful about the Plum. If you need that you would have to keep the monster alive and attack its tail until you get it. If you simply defeat the monster you will not get the Plum.

Also, remember that you will get only one Plum from defeating a Ragetail. If you need more of them you will have to hunt down more Ragetails.

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