How to Get SHIKAI and Become like ICHIGO in Project Mugetsu

How to Get Shikai and Become Like Ichigo in Project Mugetsu- I love the anime Bleach and if you are a fan of the series then you would probably love this new Roblox game called Project Mugetsu.

The game allows you to play as a Human, a Soul Reaper, or a Hollow. The paths and progressions are different based on your decision. Project Mugetsu is a grind fest that keeps you engaged for hours trying to level up and gain XP.

In this guide today we are going to talk about how you could awaken your Shikai to become Ichigo Kurosaki in Project Mugetsu.

How to Get SHIKAI and Become Like ICHIGO in Project Mugetsu

If you are a fan of Ichigo Kurosaki and you want to play as him in Project Mugetsu, then this guide is for you. Just follow the steps I am about to tell you.

Get the Kurosaki Clan:

All of this won’t make sense if you are not in the Kurosaki clan. It is a War Power clan and therefore you have like a 0.1 percent chance of getting into one. This is perhaps the most boring part of the game as the clan you select is basically random.

You click on Spins and the game randomly throws a clan at you. It might take pretty long to get the Kurosaki clan but trust me it is worth it. It took me 30 mins to get the clan and you have a limited number of spins too.

All I can say is not to give up and keep rolling until you get the Kurosaki clan.

Be a Soul Reaper:

Becoming a Soul Reaper would be your second step. Go talk to Kisuke if you want to become one. That is it for the step. Killing Hollows would be a piece of cake as the clan gives you decent buffs.

Go to Soul Society:

To get to the Soul Society you need to have the skill Senkaimon which requires 5 mastery. Increasing mastery is pretty easy. Just use some of the skills you have that cost 0 mastery on NPCs. For example, you can use the Haien or Byakurai.

Fight Bosses in the Soul Society:

This is the fastest way to grind mastery but not the easiest though. But you will eventually get the hang of it.  You can also fight Ichigo if you want. Winning the fight will help you get a decent boost to your level.

Meditation in Soul Society:

Meditation in this game is key and the only way to get your resurrection. To meditate you need to press K and start meditating.  You will be playing this really annoying meditation game where you need to press the keys as prompted on the screen.

Doing it correctly will increase your meditation level. We need to reach level 20 meditation. This is really annoying but you just need to get it done.

Fighting Zanpakuto for Shikai:

You will be teleported to the Boss fight. You will be having teammates so together you can defeat Zangetsu easily. Once you kill him you get the Shikai. You need to be at least level 15 to have Shikai.

Activating Shikai:

How to Activate Shikai you just need to type in “Roar, zangetsu” and press Enter (you will be able to see where you type on the top left of the screen). Activating it will lead to a cutscene and you will have access to 4 Shikai moves. To know the details of these moves you can visit Trello.

You can now use this amazing arsenal of solid moves to win most of your battles.

That is all you need to know about activating Shikai and becoming like Ichigo Kurosaki in Project Mugetsu.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Project Mugetsu and other games.

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