How to Make Ashley Invincible in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) | Knight Armor

How to Make Ashley Invincible in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) | Knight Armor- Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023 has been released on all platforms. The game is a masterpiece and arguably even better than the original. The improved graphics and minor changes to the gameplay make a lot of difference.

Resident Evil 4 was a game that got me so addicted that you tend to complete the game more than once. It is the same with the 2023 remake where even after you complete the game you feel like playing it again on a higher difficulty. There is so much bonus content that you can unlock by replaying the game on different difficulties.

To be honest, the game seems fine until you find Ashley. I have nothing against her but it seems like she is way too dumb at times and easily gets killed by the enemies. However, there is a way you can make her invincible.

Wondering how you can do that? Well, this guide tells you how.

How to Make Ashley Invincible in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) | Knight Armor

Playing the game along with Ashley is the real challenge. The situation becomes worse than it already is as you need to babysit her all the time. She dies way too easily and also takes friendly fire which makes your life even harder. Especially when the enemies carry her away and you have to shoot down the enemy keeping Ashley alive.

Probably this was done by Capcom so that you just cannot spam the TMP on the enemy who is carrying her away. Also, it makes the game tougher to beat and even more realistic. But what if Ashley became immortal? The game would become so easy and you will be able to play it however you want to.

Well, making her immortal or invincible is actually possible in the game. But you need to be a pretty decent player to actually do that.

Ashley’s Armor and its Benefits in Resident Evil 4 2023 Remake:

The only way you can make Ashley invincible in the game is by unlocking her Knight Armor. Yes, there is armor for Ashley and these are the benefits you get from it:

  • The Knight Armor makes Ashley immune to all Enemy attacks. She takes no damage and cannot be killed.
  • She does not take damage from Friendly Fire.
  • Ashely cannot die from explosions or grenades.
  • The Armor is pretty heavy which makes it impossible for enemies to carry her away. They will immediately drop her down and therefore you do not have to worry about that too.
  • Makes your gameplay in Professional difficulty much easier and does not affect your rating as well.

Well, these are the perks you get for having Ashley wear the Knight’s Armor. However, it won’t be a fair deal if the game just handed you the Armor. You need to earn it.

How to Unlock and Equip the Knight Armor for Ashley in Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023:

Here is how you can unlock Ashely’s Armor:

  • You need to complete the game in Hardcore mode with an A rating.
  • To get an A rating in Hardcore mode you need to complete the game in under 10 hours.

So you need to be actually good at the game to unlock the Armor for Ashley. It is not that difficult either and trust me it is worth it.

To Equip the Armor you need to:

  • Go to Bonuses
  • Then go to Extra Content Shop
  • Now go to Apparel
  • Buy the Knight Armor for Ashley with your CP or Completion Points. It is worth 2000 CP.
  • You can then Equip the Armor from Extras under Main Story. You cannot equip while in-game. Go back to the main menu and then equip the armor on Ashley.

That is all you need to know about unlocking the Armor for Ashley and making her invincible in Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, check out FPS Index for more guides on Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023.

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