How to Quickly Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers

How to Quickly Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers- Demon Slayer is one of my favorite anime and if you are a massive fan of the series, you might fall in love with Project Slayers. It is a Roblox game and if you haven’t played a Roblox game before, it might be a while before you get used to the visuals.

The game is mostly about grinding for hours as you gain xp, level up, and learn new fighting moves.

In this guide, we would be talking about the Thunder Breathing technique which is one of the 4 breathing techniques in the game. This will give you access to 6 new fighting moves and overall the Thunder Breathing is considered to be top-tier. 

How to Quickly Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers

You just cannot learn Thunder Breathing the moment you start the game. You would have to grind for a while before you actually can.

  • You need to be of Level 12 or higher.
  • And you need to have 5000 yen at least.

Jigoro Kuwaijima is the trainer who will be teaching you Thunder Breathing.

To find him you need to head to Kiribating Village first. On the northwest side of the village, you would find higher land representing the Zapiwara mountain. Climb the area and you would be able to find Jigor Kuwaijima.

Talk to him and pay him 5000 yen for the training. This is where things start to get super boring. He would ask you to go all the way to the Butterfly Mansion and do certain objectives.

Practice your aim for Thunder Breathing:

The first one would be about Practicing your aim. You need to just hit the targets on the wall with your cursor. When you complete this head all the way back to Zapiwara Mountain and talk to Jigoro about the next task.

Train your Lungs:

Well, the next task would be for you to train your lungs. For this, you need to again head back to Butterfly Mansion and Meditate. Once you reach there interact with a blue mat and start meditating. There will be a quick mini-game that you need to play in order to fill the meditation bar.

You need to press the blue circle exactly when the moving yellow line is over the blue square. When you are done with the task you need to again head all the back to Jigoro’s location.

At this point, you would be cursing the game for making you walk so much.

Train your Body:

Now that you have trained your mind, you need to train your body. What could be better than hitting some old-school pushups, right? Yup, that is exactly what you need to do. Go to the Butterfly Mansion again and interact with a red mat.

Play the mini-game and complete your pushups challenge. You would just need to press the buttons as they randomly appear on your screen. Go back to Jigoro for the next task.

Dodge Thunder:

Now you need to train your agility as Jigoro would ask you to Dodge Thunder. Head to the location which is not so far this time. Stand in the yellow zone and avoid the red zones. These are basically the areas where the thunder will strike.

Go back to Jigoro for the last test.

Defeat Zanegutsu Kuuchie:

Jigoro would ask you to defeat one of his students who also uses the Thunder Breathing technique. His name is Zanegutsu Kuuchie and you would find him chilling in the same area.

Beating this guy is no joke and you might want to bring some friends along as backup. One of the most effective ways to deal damage to him would be air-combos. Be sure to parry his attacks or else you would never survive.

Defeating Zanegutsu would be difficult but well worth it. You will be able to learn the Thunder Breathing technique as you complete this task.

You would currently have only one thunder breathing move. In order to unlock the other moves you need to defeat enemies with the thunder breathing moves you have at the moment.

How to Quickly Complete the Entire Thunder Breathing Training:

Well, the majority of the time spent in this training would be from walking. The distance between the Butterfly Mansion and Zapiwara Mountain is above 3500 meters and it takes quite a while to reach there.

To avoid walking you would need map points. These map points would help you unlock fast travel points in the game. Unlock the fast travel points for Zapiwara Mountain and the Butterfly Mansion.

Now in order to fast travel you need to find the nearest Horse guy in the area. They are the ones who would take you to your destination.

The horse guy in the Kiribating Village would be on the left to the big gate near the spawn point. This is the gate near which you find Somi. 

To get to the Butterfly Mansion Horse guy, you would need to go straight from the mansion and take the first right. Head straight and you would find the horse guy.

There you go, that is how you can quickly learn Thunder Breathing technique in Project Slayers.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Project Slayers.

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