How to Remove Notoriety Level in Saints Row 2022 Easily

This guide will help you lower your Notoriety level to absolute zero in Saints Row.

How to Remove Notoriety Level in Saints Row 2022 Easily 

Saints Row had always been one of my favorite franchises. The game is unique in its own way as it adds the right amount of intensity combines it with comedy and serves you a brilliant package.

This is exactly why Saints Row The Third was one of my favorite games of all time. There were tons of customizations to work with and I kept playing for hours. Saints  Row 2022 does exactly that. The wait was long but it was worth it.

Deep Silver claims that this would be the biggest and the best Saints Row playground to be ever created and so far I like what I see.

How to Reduce or Lower Notoriety level in Saints Row :

The Notoriety level is very similar to the Wanted level in GTA. The more chaos and destruction you cause in Santo Ileso the higher your  Notoriety level goes. The higher it goes the more you are viewed as a threat to the public and the opposing gangs.

As a result, they would notify the police and the gang member may try to take you down to ensure that the threat is eliminated. The more you fight and cause havoc in the area the higher your Notoriety level goes.

But there is a way you can get it down to an absolute 0.  In fact, there are two ways to do it. The first way is pretty simple and it works only if you are at lower Notoriety levels, like 1 or 2. The best solution would be to leave the area at once. Use a car to get away easily.

You have to travel far away from the location so that the police or the rival gangs do not find you anymore. At this point in time, your Notoriety level will go down to zero.

However, if the Notoriety level goes up too high then leaving the area would not work since they will keep following you and try to hunt you down no matter what. And the more you keep fighting the higher it goes. So what do you have to do here?

Well, I would not say it is easy but at the end of the day, this would be your only way out if the level gets too high. You would have to eliminate every single enemy who is trying to call for reinforcements. This is easier said than done since they call in for help pretty quickly and before you know it you would have the second wave of enemies with stronger weapons to take you down.

So you basically have a very little time limit in which you would have to take out all the enemies calling for reinforcements and then take out the remaining ones. Once you have defeated everyone in the area your Notoriety level will go down.

I suggest doing this for fun when you have good weapons. So try and run away initially until you are confident in your combat skills and weapons.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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