Is FIFA 22 Offline or Down ? Get EA Server Information Here | Server Status

Wondering why you Cannot Connect to EA Servers? Want to know what happened and when it would come back up again? Get all your questions answered here as we discuss how you get to know the Server Status for FIFA 22.

Is FIFA 22 Offline or Down? Get EA Server Information Here | Server Status

The FIFA Franchise is known for its Online Ultimate Team content. They are criticized for poor servers, which is true, to be honest.  Most of the time my gameplay would feel so slow that I would literally quit and stop playing until it got better. And at other times I would get random disconnections during a game and when I would try to connect back to the game, it just would not let me.

The first question that strikes my mind at this point would be whether it is my internet connection. I would immediately check if my connection was okay and it would be for most of the time. But somehow I still cannot connect to the EA Servers.

I would instantly restart the game and check again. But no, I cannot connect anymore. This is where I would want to know what is going on. Are the servers down for good? When will they come back up again? Is it my game that is at fault? All these questions start hitting my mind but I would just console myself and wait for half a day before I tried logging in again.

Know The Server Status

The point is rather than guessing wouldn’t it be nicer if we just knew when exactly to log back in? Wouldn’t it be a lot better if we could know what is going on with the servers and perhaps relax a bit knowing it has got nothing to do with me? We already stay stressed on Ultimate Team, do we even want more of it? Absolutely not. Hence it is necessary to know a reliable source that could give you all this information. Which is why we are here.

The best-known reliable source of information about the EA Servers, News, and other information would be their official Twitter page. Yes, they put up everything over there. You will get know about server problems, server maintenance, game news, and other important information about FIFA 22.

Here let me link you to their official Twitter page —-> EA Sports FIFA Official Twitter Page 

Here is another important link to their communications page where they post about updates and server status —> FIFA Direct Communication 

Make sure you click on the Bell Icon on the page and set the account notification to All Tweets. That way you will be instantly notified about any updates related to EA servers or general information about FIFA 22

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