King Of Fighters 15 (KOF XV) – How to increase Super Meter quickly | Fast Meter Gain

If you are wondering how to quickly increase or load up your super meter in King of Fighters XV then you have come to the right place .

King Of Fighters 15 (KOF XV) – How to increase Super Meter quickly | Fast Meter Gain

We are eagerly awaiting King of Fighters 15 as its one of my favorite fighting games of all time. I remember playing hours and hours of KOF on the arcade stick as a kid and I am thrilled to play it again. The improved visuals makes the game look amazing. The combat system remains more or less similar.

Before we talk about how we can quickly fill up the super meter , we need to know what the meter is and how it works ?

What is the Super Meter ?

Characters in King of Fighters have most of their potential locked over a Super Meter which fills as you keep fighting. As you start gaining the meter you will be able to do a lot of special moves. This could extend into longer combos inflicting a lot of damage on you opponent. Every character has unique abilities which can be used with the help of the Super Meter.

As you use these abilities you burn away a bit of the meter.  There will be a total of 5 levels of your Super Meter. If you fill it up completely you would be in the Max Mode or Maximum (as it says below the bar). You have the Ex moves which takes half a bar of the meter. The Level 1 super takes 1 bar while the level 2 super takes 2. Finally we have the climax moves which takes 3 bar. Shatter Strike is a new move added this year which also takes up 1 or half bar of the meter depending on whether or not you hit the enemy.

How to Gain Super Meter Quickly ?

You must now be wondering about how yo can gain or fill up your super meter quicker than your opponent. Like I said before the Super Meter makes a lot of difference as it lets you use a character to its full potential. Here are the ways you can actually load up the meter quickly :

  • A lot of us think that the more we hit the enemy the faster the meter fills up. This is actually not correct. Hit enemy does fill up the  meter but not as quickly as you think. Normal and air throws do not fill up the meter.
  • Blocking attacks fills up the meter really fast. The more you block the faster you gain meter.
  • Getting attacked actually fills up the meter really quickly as well. So if you are getting hit by the opponent you will be surprised to see your meter fill up quicker.

Therefore defense is key, try to block as many attacks as possible to fill up the meter quickly. You also gain a whole bar of the super meter when your character taken down. Remember your first character will get 3 bars of super meter. The second character will get 4 and finally the last character will get 5 which is the maximum.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section down below. If you feel there are an other ways in which you can fill up the super meter quickly feel free to post and share it with us in the comments section below as well.

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