LA LIGA TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution EA FC24

The La Liga Team of the Season squad looks fantastic and now you have a chance of getting one of them through the La Liga TOTS Upgrade SBC. We all know how crucial these Specific League TOTS Upgrades are for users who keep grinding throughout the year. If you own a La Liga Hybrid squad there is no chance in the world you could miss out on the league TOTS upgrade SBC.

So if you are looking for the Cheapest way to complete this SBC, you have come to the right place.

How to Complete LA LIGA TOTS Upgrade SBC in the Cheapest Way EA Sports FC24?

When we talk about the cheapest solution we normally refer to a squad with players whose value is low in the market. However, the value of a player depends on a lot of factors and one of them is availability. So there is a good chance the value for the SBC squad I am about to show may rise or fall depending on the availability of the players in the Transfer Market.

For the La Liga TOTS upgrade you just need to submit one squad. Here is the cheapest one you can build:

SBC Cost:

  • Consoles: 64,800
  • PC: 65,900

This is the cheapest squad you can submit as of now. I would recommend using all the untradeable cards in your club first to reduce the overall coins that you would spend for this SBC. If you are out of fodder feel free to buy the squad I have shown in the picture above.

That is all on the Cheapest Method for Solving the La Liga TOTS Upgrade SBC.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. For more EA Sports FC24 guides, be sure to follow FPS Index


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