Lemnis Gate -New Release Date

The new turn based tactical FPS game gets delayed on its initially planned release in August.

Lemnis Gate -New Release Date

Lemnis Gate comes with a very unique gameplay concept. A tactical shooter where you have your turns to make an impact on the game. It is going to be one of the most unique multiplayers till date. You can just cannot sit down and randomly shoot at targets. You need to think and plan out your entire moves before you do them.

However as unique as it sounds the release date of the game has been postponed to late September.  Its initial release date was 3rd of August and it looks like the devs , Ratloop Games, need a little bit longer before they could launch it officially. Therefore the release date on this game has been delayed.

It is confirmed by the developers that the new release date of the game would be September 28th 2021. If you also check the Steam page you will be able to see the updated date. The developers also said that the reason for the delay is just so that they can take a little bit more time to create a fine finished product.

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