Madden NFL 22 -PS PS4 Controller Not Working | Not Recognized | How to Fix

PS4 controller not working for Madden NFL 22 ? No worries we have the right fix for you.

Madden NFL 22 -PS PS4 Controller Not Working | Not Recognized | How to Fix

Playing Sports game with controllers make it a lot more exciting. Controller will always have an advantage over the limited directional buttons of the keyboard. However a lot of users complained about the game not supporting the PS4 controllers on PC. Well, there are pretty easy fixes for this.

We have to make sure that we have the right options enabled on Steam for the PS controllers to work.

How to Solve the PlayStation Controller Problem ?

I need to follow these easy steps in order to solve the problem :

  • Launch Steam and go to your game Library
  • Now choose Madden NFL 22 and right click select Properties
  • Click on the Controller tab on the left
  • Just underneath the option Override for Madden NFL 22 you will see a box with a drop down arrow.
  • Click on it and choose Enable Steam Input
  • This will enable all the options which includes PlayStation.

After you have done this follow these steps :

  • Go to the Steam option on the top left and select Settings 
  • Now click on Controller from the left side
  • You will get a window where you need to check the box next to PlayStation Configuration Support

Restart Steam after all these steps are done. This would fix the PlayStation controller issue you are currently having. If this guide was useful let us know in the comment section down below.




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