Marvel’s Avengers PS5- Game is Crashing | How to Fix

Now we can play Marvel’s Avengers on the PS5. Unfortunately the users have reported that the game keeps crashing on the PS5 very often. Lets see how we can get this fixed.

Marvel’s Avengers PS5- Game is Crashing | How to Fix

The PlayStation 5 had a lot of database issues due to which a lot of games kept crashing. Probably that is the reason why Marvel’s Avengers keep crashing on the PS5 so often.

Some people say that reconnecting the external hard drive had somewhat solved the problem. There is also another step you can do .

  • Turn off your PlayStation 5 completely. There should not be any lights on the console and make sure that the power cable is out too.
  • Keep it unplugged for 5 minutes. This helps in deleting any cached data.
  • Plug it back and hold the power button down
  • You will hear a beep sound when you press it. Keep it held until you hear the next beep. That will be probably after 8 seconds.
  • Your console will boot up in Safe Mode
  • Now plug in the controller to the USB port and press the PS button as prompted.
  • You will see a list of options on the screen. Go ahead and select Rebuild Database
  • This will reset you database , eliminating any database related problems on the console.

Rebuilding the database should be done once every week. It is basically re arranging data in your console in a proper way so that the system can pull up the information much quicker for you. Database issues would mean that the system is not being able to pull up information quickly or may not be picking up at all. This leads to poor performance or a random crash. Hope this article was helpful.

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