Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PS4 PS5 Xbox Crashing and Freezing | How to Fix Crash

A lot of users are experiencing crash and freezing issues with the new Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy . This guide will help you fix any such problems with the game

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PS4 PS5 Xbox Crashing and Freezing | How to Fix Crash

I had been eagerly awaiting for the Guardians of the Galaxy game. More because I loved the characters and the movie. I was not really a fan of their Avenger’s game. I felt they could have done a lot more with the game. However the new Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here and so far I do like it more than its previous installment.

A lot of users had been complaining about the game randomly crashing and freezing on their consoles. At times you would get a complicated Error Code and at times it would just not load up. What can we do about this? Ofcourse there are ways in which we can actually fix this problem.

How to Fix the problem :

Since we do not know the exact cause of the issue it is better to try out all these steps one by one and keep checking.

Local Saves :

Corrupted local saves could be the issue. Since you could have more than one save file it is important to know which one actually is corrupted. The best thing to do wuld be to dlete all local saves and re launch the game to see if it crashes. This works almost 90% of the time.

PlayStation 4 :

  • On the console menu got o Settings
  • Look for Storage and then click on Saved Data
  • Now select Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Now press the option button and then hit Delete.

Xbox :

  • Go to My games & Apps
  • Select Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and press the menu button
  • Select Manage games & add ons and then click on Saved Data
  • If you select all and delete them they will only be deleted locally. You need to select each saved file separately and the select Delete From Everywhere

How to clear Cached Data and Fix Database Errors on PlayStation :

The PlayStation had always been plagued with database errors which needs to be fixed quite frequently. It is like Defragmenting your hard drive which means re arranging data in a proper systematic way which would make it easier for apps to access them. When apps do not get access to the required data they would crash. This does not necessarily mean all the games you play on your PlayStation would crash. It could be a possibility that a particular game might not have proper access to all the runtime files or data. Also using the PlayStation for a long time stores a lot of Cached data which needs to be removed for it to perform better.

  • Simply turn off your console and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes
  • Then plug the power cable back and press and hold the power button until you hear 2 beep sounds
  • The console will boot up in Safe Mode. If you have a PS4 then this basically clears out the cached data from your system.
  • Now plug in the controller and press the PS Button.
  • You will get a few options on the screen. On your PS4 you will get Rebuild Database and on your PS5 you will get Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database.
  • You need to click on these options to rebuild the database . It will take a while so you need to be patient.

How to Clear Persistent Data on Xbox :

Persistent Storage is same as Cached Data. This is how you clear your cached data :

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Devices and Streaming
  • Now select Blu Ray
  • And lastly select Clear Persistent Storage

For users who do not have the Blu Ray option just turn off your Xbox console for 5 minutes and unplug the power plug .Then turn it back on and you will see a green screen with the Xbox Logo. This means the cached data or persistent storage is now cleared.

Do you use the Xbox Insider Hub ( Xbox Series S and X only) ?

The Xbox Insider Hub is basically a program that you have to get enrolled in. It allows you to experience all the new upcoming features beforehand and you can provide feedback regarding it. You will keep receiving various updates and trust me when I tell you that this program keeps  games from crashing on your Xbox Series X and S.

  • Go to Xbox Insider Hub
  • Next got o Xbox Update Preview
  • Now click on Manage and then finally on Xbox Update Preview Alpha Skip-Ahead 

This version gets the most updates. Just ignore the fact that it says in its description that there could be a a lot of bugs.

I hope this guide was useful. Follow these few steps and I am sure you can easily solve this crash related issue with the new Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy game . Do let us know in the comment section below.

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