MLB The Show 21 – How to use your Custom Stadium in Online Modes | Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 comes up with a new feature of letting you play with your created stadiums in most of the online modes which include the ranked Diamond Dynasty. However, there could be a concern about this feature having a lot of cons. Let’s see what you need to do to play online in your created stadiums.

MLB The Show 21 – How to use your Custom Stadium in Online Modes | Diamond Dynasty

The problem with created stadiums could be a little bit too much knowing how competitive gamers can get these days. This feature could easily be exploited as players would create stadiums benefitting them alone. Sony San Diego has confirmed about these custom-made stadiums would be allowed in online modes such a Diamond Dynasty. However, there is a small catch – The Stadiums need to be Compliant.  

When we talk of compliance here we mean that the stadium not be balanced and that it should meet a few requirements before you can call it compliant. Sony San Diego has created 150 pre-set wall layouts. To make a stadium compliant for online play you need to choose one of these 150 layouts and you cannot change anything with the walls.

They have also added a feature for you to check for compliance. There will be a “bat” icon on the top right. If the icon has a red circle with a strike through then it means that the stadium is not compliant and that it is not compatible with online play.

Therefore you just need to follow the rules for this one. A pretty bold move by Sony San Diego to be honest. We got what we wanted and at the same time they had stopped people from exploiting this new feature.

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