Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1)- How to Beat Hellfire Scorpion in Invasions

I am not a fan of the Invasion mode, to be honest. It is extremely boring and the only reason I grind is because the mode helps me unlock my favorite skins.

The Invasions mode will keep changing every season and in this one, we have Hellfire Scorpion as the final boss.

He is definitely not going down without a fight and we will be showing you how you can easily defeat him in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions mode.

Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1)- How to Beat Hellfire Scorpion in Invasions

Defeating the Hellfire Scorpion gives you this amazing skin. So if you are maining Scorpion, this is undoubtedly the best skin you can use.

Like every other boss fight, this one too will have stages.  It is going to be one long battle as you keep fighting him through four different phases. Here is what you need to do:

Stage 1:

This is pretty much like the previous boss fights where Scorpion would armor through your attacks.

However, he does not do it all the time I would recommend doing short strings. The best way to damage Scorpion is to uppercut him. Make sure you have a high attack rating to do as much damage as possible in just one hit.

Stage 2:

A pretty difficult stage as Scorpion starts throwing Fireballs at you. Dodging them would require perfect timing.

He would throw two of them in a row following the high-high, high-low, and low-low patterns. You can duck the high ones and jump over the low ones. Time it correctly and you can successfully avoid both the projectiles.

After that sequence, you fight Scorpion normally as you did in the first phase. Defeat him to progress to stage three.

Stage 3:

The third phase is very similar to the ones where you need to dodge incoming projectiles. However, instead, this time you will be surrounded by Scorpion’s chains.

You need to find an open spot and stand there making sure that the chains don’t touch you in any way.

Stage 4:

The last stage is where Scorpion uses a yellow shield that makes him immune to all projectiles. He can also armor through any move during this phase so you need to be careful about landing full strings.

Poke him now and then and try not to use a combo.  Uppercuts also work well and after a while, the shield would disappear. This is your chance to end the battle. Once defeated the game will trigger a cutscene as your Invasions journey comes to an end.

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