Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1)- How to Defeat Polar Sub-Zero in Invasions

The Invasions mode has some pretty tough boss fights. One of them is the Polar Sub-Zero whom you encounter at the Sun Do Festival. Sub Zero is a tough character to go up against, especially because of his 50-50. However, as a boss, this guy is even tougher than I thought.

So if you are struggling trying to take him down, here is a guide that will help you defeat Polar Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions Mode. 

Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1)- How to Defeat Polar Sub-Zero in Invasions

The Invasions mode is definitely one of the most boring game modes I have ever encountered in a fighting game. The fact that you cannot move freely is also something that bothers me. However, the mode gives you plenty of gears and skins which is perhaps the only reason why users grind it even when they clearly hate it.

As you play through the mode, you will reach the Sun Do Festival after completing Fengjian Village. This is where you come across a challenge called Iced Out where you face the mighty Polar Sub-Zero.

There will be 3 stages to the boss fight and every stage will be more difficult than the other.

Stage 1:

This is a pretty easy stage as all you have to do is fight the boss one on one. The only challenge will be that he might power through your strings dealing a lot of damage to you. But that does not happen all the time. So whenever you see him armoring your moves, use a projectile or just wait for a few seconds before attacking again.

Stage 2:

After you defeat him, Sub-Zero will rise up again and this time he will be holding a spear made of ice that he throws at you. It is a mid-projectile that can be dodged if you jump at the correct timing. You will also notice the temperature getting cooler as your character starts to freeze when he goes near Sub-Zero.

If you stay close to him for too long you will end up getting frozen completely giving Sub-Zero the opportunity to inflict damage on you. So whenever you realize that you are about to freeze just move away from him. Use projectiles from a distance until you are back to normal again. He might also armor through your moves but that is pretty rare in this stage.

Stage 3:

The last and the final stage will be the most difficult one. Sub-Zero will cover himself up with an ice armor that stays on for a while. No matter what you try to do, he will armor through your moves taking very little damage. If you try to attack him during this phase, you are just giving him free damage.

Even projectiles won’t work against him so just stay away and keep blocking. You can try and chip him now and then but do not do full strings as you will get punished easily.

Don’t attack him when he is throwing projectiles at you. Just block them or dodge. The moment you see his armor disappear, attack him like never tomorrow. This will be your chance to end the fight.

Don’t forget to do a fatality on him for all the trouble he made you go through.

Well, that will be all on “Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1)- How to Defeat Polar Sub-Zero in Invasions

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