Mortal Kombat 11- Fujin Combos | Tornado Timing Explained

Playing with the Wind God is definitely not a walk in the park. Perhaps the toughest character in the game to master. You need to be absolutely spot on with the timing if you want to see the Wind God do his best.

This article will not tell you which combos to do and how to do them because you can very well create your own combos. I would rather tell you how to nail the 1st hit after a tornado (not amplified). Once you learn that it’s pretty much a combo city after that.

Mortal Kombat 11- Fujin Combos | Tornado Timing Explained

Well like I said, Fujin is the toughest character to play with. But if you can learn this character properly, he is definitely worthy of being called a God. Let’s learn how to get the timing right after an unamplified tornado moves to extend combos.

  • The input for a tornado as we know is Down Back 2. The moment you enter the command Fujin would hover in the air for almost a couple of seconds with a tornado blowing around him.
  • Now we know that you can make Fujin go forward or backward while in the tornado move by simply pressing the direction key. For combos, we have to go forward in order to hit the opponent and launch him in the air.
  • So basically we are pressing D, B 2, F.
  • Now, if you have just started Fujin you will notice that Fujin will not be able to do any move right after you hit the tornado. But we still find some people landing combos after the tornado.
  • The main thing you are doing wrong is that you are pressing forward way too fast after the tornado input
  • Give the tornado input which is D, B, 2, and wait. Yes, wait for less than a second but you need to wait. Do not worry it won’t end the combo. When you wait Fujin will just go straight up and hover.
  • After waiting for just a bit press forward to hit the enemy with the tornado. Now you will see that the enemy will rise higher up in the air. Giving you more time to recover from the special move
  • Once you recover, dash forward (F, F). You need to be very quick  with the dash
  • After the dash extends the combo any way you like.
  • The reason why we delay the tornado is so that it takes a shorter while for Fujin to recover from the move and the opponent seems to go higher after a delayed hit as well. For example, let’s say the tornado takes 2 seconds. If we hit the opponent straight away Fujin will still be in tornado mode while the enemy is in the air. By the time he recovers the enemy will be falling down. But if we delay the tornado for just a second, we get time to recover since the move will end before the enemy could hit the ground allowing us to dash and combo.
  • The more you delay the hit from the tornado, the more time you get to dash forward. Hit the enemy when the tornado is about to end.

Here is a little video to demonstrate the timing for it :

Well, this is how you can easily time your hit after a tornado. So many users had been going crazy trying to land a hit after the tornado. But now, you know how to get the timing right. Yes, you need a lot of practice though. I swear it is a lot more fun to play with Fujin than any other character in-game. Let them flashy combos coming. Enjoy the game.

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