Mortal Kombat 11 – How to find Kenshi’s Blindfold – Easy Guide

Mortal Kombat 11 has a huge range of customization. Some you get as rewards for completing the story mode, some through grinding. When we talk of grinding in-game like Mortal Kombat it really doesn’t suit the image but trust me it is fun.

Grinding could be done at the Towers of Time or at the Krypt. The Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11 is basically Shang Tsung’s island which literally has a huge collection of treasures. You have chests and puzzles, you have the Naknadan Shrine where you can pay for skins and gears in terms of in-game coins of course.

With that being said in order to find specific items you need to unlock a hidden chest in the Krypt which can only be unlocked if you can actually see them. Now they are invisible to the naked eye. So how on earth will you find them? For this, you need Kenshi’s Blindfold. The ability of this blindfold is to let you see what you don’t when you see through your eyes. Hence if you wear this you will be able to find all the hidden chests on Shang Tsung’s island. Here is how to get it.

Mortal Kombat 11 – How to find Kenshi’s Blindfold – Easy Guide

So, in order to get Kenshi’s Blindfold you have to go to the courtyard cave and pull the lever to go down to Goro’s Lair.

Go Straight and you will get to the Great Hall.

Once you reach the Great Hall, go Straight from there until you reach Goro’s Throne Room.

Take a right turn from the Throne Room and go through the little corridor into Goro’s Treasure Chamber.

Once you are in the Treasure Chamber you need to turn around and go through the little passageways into The Jails.

Once you reach The Jails you just need to go straight into a room where you can see Kenshi’s body. We call this place “Kenshi’s Last Stand”.

Move towards him and grab his Blindfold. There will be a tutorial on how to use the Blindfold. When you are done with that you can easily find all the hidden chests in the island and be lucky to get good enough rewards when you open them. Enjoy the grind.

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