NBA 2K21 – MyPark Lagging and Freezing / Audio Error and Crash

NBA 2K21 is certainly giving users a hard time. The game is filled with all sorts of bugs and glitches, ruining the user experience.

MyPark seems to be very buggy. It automatically becomes laggy and freezes. The audio goes out of sync or just stops and at times the game would crash.

So how do we get this fixed?

NBA 2K21 – MyPark Lagging and Freezing / Audio Error and Crash

Is there an official fix to this?

Sadly there is none. We have to wait for patches to get all the bugs and glitches removed completely. Until then we can try out temp fixes and see if we can it to work normally

So what do we do about this bug :

  • Restarting the game is a temp fix. Whenever you see the game starts to get laggy in MYPark just restart it. But again, restarting cannot be a good enough fix right? So what else can we try?

Steam allows us to verify corrupted game files. This could very well be a case of corrupted game files. Since we do not know about an official fix I guess it is worth a try :

  • Launch Steam Client and select Library from the top
  • Select NBA2K21 from the list on the left side panel
  • Right-click on the game and select Properties
  • Click on the Local Files Tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • This would take some time and it depends on the size of the game.
  • Once this is finished re-launch the game to see if the issue is fixed.

If the issue still persists we might have to wait for a patch or an official way to fix the bug. Until then try this out and see if it works for you.

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