NBA 2K22- Cannot Download the game | Stuck | Error Steam

A lot of users are facing a issue with downloading NBA 2K22. Are you one of them ? If yes, then you have come to the right place. I will show you how we can easily fix this download problem with NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22- Cannot Download the game | Stuck | Error Steam

NBA 2K22 is finally available on all platforms. For us basketball fans it could not get better and the game improved on every aspect compared to last year. Getting impatient during the long download is  pretty obvious and I understand how annoyed you will be if the download gets stuck. Therefore we are here to make sure you have a smooth download and fix any kind of downloading error.

Drive Space Required for NBA 2K22 :

NNA 2K22 by no means a small game. The storage space required for this game would be around 80 GB. That is pretty huge considering the fact that this is at the end of the day a sports game. However if you are not aware of the Storage Space required for the game and if you have less than 80 GB on your drive , the download will probably get stuck mid way.

It might take you a while to realize why it had stopped since you would probably be restarting steam several times just to check. But it would not work as you need to clear out your drive space before you continue. There are also chance of files getting corrupted or missing if you continue with the download after making enough space for it. It is recommended that you have the right amount of disk space before you start the download.

Try Restarting Steam Client or Even your PC :

At times the download could just be stuck . Try restarting the Steam Client or even your PC (if the previous one does not work) could help you fix a stuck download.

Wait before the Download Starts :

Before you start downloading a game in Steam it takes a while Allocating Disk Space. Normally happens when you download for the first time. At this point you will see the download stuck for a while at 0 kb . All I can say is you need to have patience at this point. Click on the Play button to see small bar getting filled slowly. That is Steam allocating the disk space. Wait for it to get full. This will take a longer time since the game is around 80 GB .

Checking Download Settings on Steam :

Your Steam Download settings could also be the cause of the downloading error. Hence we recommend following these steps under your Steam download settings.

Steam (top left)>> Settings >> Downloads

Once you reach the download settings do the following :

  • Click on Clear Download Cache . Download Cache could easily freeze your current download. Therefore clearing it from time to time is very important .Restart Steam after that.
  • Select Steam Library Folders . Make sure you have the right download folder selected for NBA 2K22 and then right click on the folder and select Repair Library Folder. This repairs any missing links or permission on steam download folders which is writable by all users. Restart Steam when done.
  • Under Download Region you will find a drop down arrow. Click on that and change your region. Steam has their servers setup all over the world in different and important geographical locations to ensure you have the best possible downloading experience. At times servers in your region could be down due to technical difficulties, maintenance or simply be overloaded when a lot of people try to download a new and popular game from the same server. Therefore change to a server that might work better for you and remember to restart Steam.

These steps should help you fix any download related issues with NBA 2K22. I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section down below.


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