NBA 2K22 PS4 & PS5- Game Keeps Crashing and Freezing Solved | Easy Fix

Wondering why NBA 2K22 would always keep Crashing and Freezing on your PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles? No worries, we have just the right fix for you.

NBA 2K22 PS4 & PS5- Game Keeps Crashing and Freezing Solved | Easy Fix

NBA 2K22 is finally released for all major platforms and the game is overall a pretty nice improvement over last year. The graphics look better and the animations look more fluid and life like. However there are a few users on PlayStation who had complained about the game crashing on startup or at random point in the game. Most of the time it would just leave you an error code.

Firstly let us understand why a game could possibly crash on your console :

  • Software for you PlayStation console is not updated
  • Disconnected from the internet
  • A lot of unwanted Cached Data
  • Corrupted Save Game files
  • Database problems

If you are online and suddenly get disconnected from the server, there could be a possibility the game might crash. Especially if the disconnection is from your end. But this is not something we can control. All we can do is check our internet connection and call the ISP if there is a problem. It is basically the other reasons we need to worry about.

For software related issues you just need to make sure that the console software and NBA 2K22 is updated to their latest versions. Just go to Settings >> System Software Update.  This should be checking for any update you had accidentally left out.

How to Clear PS4 and PS5 Cached data ?

When we use the console for longer periods , the system keeps storing a lot of cached data which could bring down the overall performance of the system. It is necessary to clear out the cached data from your system before it starts affecting performance. Just turn off your console and keep them turned off for 5 minutes. make sure you have all the cables unplugged. This will clear out the cached data next time you turn on the console.

How to Delete the Corrupted Save Files (PS4 only)?

Corrupted save game files are basically the most common reasons for a game to crash on your PS4. Since we do not know which file might be corrupted we would have to delete all locally saved files for NBA 2K22. The process is pretty simple .

You just need to go to Settings >>Storage>> Saved Data

From there you select NBA 2K22 and then press options button o the controller. Now you would just need to select all the save game file and hit Delete. This should remove all local save files for NBA 2K22. Re Launch the game to check.

How to Rebuild Database for PS4 and PS5 ?

Rebuilding database means you are re creating the whole data system for your console. This is done so that the apps you run on the console have easy and quick access to the required data. Failing at which would lead to the app crashing.

Just turn off your console. Keep it off for 5 minutes . Then press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Let go on the second beep and the console boots up in Safe Mode. This is  where is connect your controller to the USB and press the PS button. Then from the list of options on the screen you need to select Rebuild Database. This will take a while depending on the amount of data you have stored on your console hard drive

There you go, easy fixes for NBA 2K22 constantly crashing and freezing on both your PS4 and PS5 consoles. If this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section down below .


11 thoughts on “NBA 2K22 PS4 & PS5- Game Keeps Crashing and Freezing Solved | Easy Fix”

  1. This isnt a fix at all. My ps5 just randomly crashes when i try to play with my friends in Rec or if i walk away for 10 min and come back. Only happens with 2k22. Game is trash and was not released properly.

  2. Definitely didn’t fix anything and this 2nd time it happened first time I had to Uninstall game n spend hours reinstalling again 2k need to fix this

  3. Game is still unplayable and keeps crashing. All other games work fine for me on ps5 expect this one. Worked fine at first but now cannot play at all this needs to be fixed.

  4. My 2k22 is frozen after game 15 I believe it’s frozen on the Kia event letter what do I do? It’s a digital download at that smh

  5. Mine keeps freezing at the beginning of the games can’t seem to make it past the 1st quarter and I’ve tried almost everything is this just the game u haven’t ever had a problem with other Gamez or could it be the console,

  6. I’m having freezing issues after doesn’t make it past first quarter have tried fixes , other games work ok as far as I can tell is just this game or the console nba 2020 for me does the same thing

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