NBA 2K23 FIX My Career Sim to Next Appearance Not Working

Are you Unable to Sim to Next Appearance in NBA 2K23 My Career Mode PC Version?

Even after you press the button prompted on the screen nothing happens and you are forced to watch the whole game. Well, we have just the right fix for you.

NBA 2K23 FIX My Career Sim to Next Appearance Not Working

NBA 2K23 is out on all major gaming platforms. While the next-gen consoles enjoy the better-looking version of the game with breathtaking graphics, the PC version is still stuck with the old gen. I hoped they had shifted PC to next-gen though.

The game plays out pretty smoothly. Not many users have complained about performance and we all know how good the graphics are for both gens. You can easily say that this years title is a much-improved version of the last one.

My Career mode in NBA 2K23 is one of the most played modes in the game. It is where you play the main character in a story where you start off as a rookie and eventually become one of the biggest stars around.

The game has a very practical storyline that involves decision-making that affects your character.

How to Fix “Sim to Next Appearance” not working on NBA 2K23 PC :

Since you start off the game as a rookie with a pretty low overall rating you would not be starting the game. You would be spending most of the game sitting on the bench waiting for your turn in the game.

Now sitting on the bench watching Bots play the game could be one of the most boring things ever. This is why 2K lets you use a feature called the “Sim to Next Appearance” which basically means you will be simulating the game until you enter the court as a player.

It seems like PC users are kind of having an issue with this option where you are prompted to press a button to Sim to your next appearance and when you do that nothing happens. I have tried spamming the button a hundred times but nothing happens.

Here is how you fix it :

  • Press the button which is prompted on the screen as you would normally do.
  • Then press Alt + Tab on the keyboard to minimize the game and go back to your desktop.
  • Press Alt + Tab again to go back into the game and you will notice the game speed has slowed down.
  • Every time you repeat this the game would get slower and slower.
  • Until one time you would notice the simulation actually happening.

  • So basically you have to keep Pressing Alt + Tab until you see this simulator on the game screen.
  • Once you see this you are good to go. The game will jump over to the time when you enter the court.

There you go,  a pretty easy fix to the problem where “Sim to Next Appearance” in NBA 2K23 My Career mode will not work.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know. Also, keep following FPS Index for more NBA 2K23 guides.

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