Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection- PS Controller not working FIX

PlayStation Controller not responding in Ninja Gaiden Master Collection? Do not worry as you have come to the right place. Lets see how we can get it fixed.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection- PS Controller not working FIX

The Ninja Gaiden series had always been my favorite hack-and-slash game. Always will be a crazy Hayabusa fan. The fact that this game will now be playable on PC is an absolute win for gamers who did not get a chance to play this classic. As for the content, you get all the 3 games in one title. However, the game does not support a keyboard and a mouse. You need to have a controller to play this game.

Speaking of which the users trying to play the game with a PlayStation controller are not really happy. The controller would not respond and users have no clue what to do next. Simple reconnecting the controller would not work as well.

Here are some steps which you can follow just to make sure the controller is identified by the game or more importantly by Steam.

How to Solve this problem?

Just follow these steps and I am sure your controller issue would be fixed in no time

  • Open Steam and go to your game Library
  • Select Ninja Gaiden. Right-click and select Properties.
  • Then look for the Controller tab on the left
  • Just underneath Override for Ninja Gaiden you will see a box with a drop-down arrow.
  • Click on it and choose Enable Steam Input
  • This will enable all the options which include PlayStation.

After this is done, try this :

  • Launch Steam and select the Steam option from the top left
  • From the list select Settings
  • On the left panel, there will be several options. Select Controller
  • Then a window will appear and you have to enable the box next to PlayStation Configuration Support

Remember to Restart Steam after these steps are done. There you go, an easy fix for the controller problem. Now you can enjoy the Ninja Gaiden on Pc with your PlayStation Controller.

I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts regarding this issue. Enjoy the game.


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