Outriders – How to do Forgotten Chapel Quest | Secret Side Quest

Wondering how to do the Forgotten chapel quest? Don’t worry we have just the right guide for you. Let’s see how we can easily complete this quest.

Outriders – How to do Forgotten Chapel Quest | Secret Side Quest

You need to have the access to the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk part of the map in order to do this quest. But first, you need to unlock it. This is how it is done :

  • Complete the campaign story in this area and make sure you get to Monolith.
  • You need to activate 6 Keystones to get the mission.
  • To find the first Keystone go straight from where you see Channa and keep moving left until you see the Keystone. Interact with it to activate. It is near the Canyon Entrance.
  • Now make an about-turn from the first Keystone and keep moving. Go left up the stairs and then keep heading forward. Then turn right and keep moving up the stairs to an area that looks like a hall. You will find the Keystone right at the center. Interact with it to activate.
  • For the 3rd Keystone make an about-turn and go down the stairs. Then continue going forward until you reach a place where you have to turn right and up the stairs and then into a cave-like area. Head left from there and keep following the path to the 3rd keystone. It will be right before a ledge.
  •  Now head back to where you came from. Keep moving forward and then go right and head straight to find the 4th Keystone in a corner. This will open a door in front of you.
  • Head through the door and move left then go down the stairs and then right. Keep going down and then towards the right again to get to the 5th keystone in a corner. Interacting with it will open another door.
  • You are basically at the Monolith bridge now. Head straight through the door. Keep going straight and the head left and up the stairs to find the last keystone. Activating it will unlock the Forgotten Chapel Quest. You can now track it on your map.

How to Complete the Forgotten Chapel Quest :

Now once you have unlocked the quest, go to the Cliffside Path to find the entrance. It will be a door with 3 symbols and a circle in between. Interact with the keystone to the right to unlock the door. Make your way inside and unlock the loot box to get a legendary weapon. That is your reward for completing the quest.

Hope this guide was helpful. Enjoy the game.

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