Outriders PS4-Game Crashing with Error Code CE-34878-0 | How to Fix

Outriders is finally here on all major platforms. Published by Square Enix , the games looks and feels amazing. However for the PS4 users the game seems to crash quite often. Sometimes with an error code. Wondering how you can get this fixed ? We have the perfect solution for you. Lets check it out.

Outriders PS4-Game Crashing with Error Code CE-34878-0 | How to Fix

Games could crash on the PS4 due to a number of reasons. From corrupted save files to database errors. It is difficult to know which is the main problem. Hence we shall eliminate all possible reasons for the crash.

Remove Corrupted Saved Data for Outriders :

Corrupted saved data are normally the most common reasons for a game to crash on the PlayStation 4. Therefore the best thing to do is to get rid of it. You will lose your local progress only thats all. This is how you do it :

  • Select Settings from the console menu
  • Now click on Storage
  • We will get a storage list. We have to select Saved Data 
  • Select Outriders and press Options Menu on the controller
  • From the right side , hit the Delete option
  • Now you have to select one or multiple saved data. It is upto you. Then hit Delete again .
  • The saved data will now be completely removed from the console.

Fix Existing Database Issues :

The PlayStation always had database issues. You should know how to fix or rebuild a database since it will make you console a lot faster. Rebuilding database is basically arranging related data in a way so that it is easily accessible by the console when you need it. Hence make it perform a lot better.

  • Turn off the console completely so that there are no lights
  • Now take out the power cable from the back.
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes. This will clear out any cached data.
  • Now plug the cable back and press the power button
  • You will hear a beep sound. Now hold the button down for atleast 7-8 secs. You will hear a second beep sound. This is when you let go. The console will now boot in Safe Mode.
  • Attach the controller through the USB cable and press the PS button on it
  • From the list of displayed options select Rebuild Database
  • The time taken will depend on the amount of storage

Big No to Face Recognition :

One of the main reasons why games kept crashing on the PS4 with an error code of CE-34878-0 . This  feature no matter how good it sounds doesn’t work quite well with the games. This is how you should turn it off :

  • Select Settings from the Coonsole MEnu
  • Click on Login Settings
  • Uncheck the box next to Enable Face Recognition 
  • Restart the console.

Apart from these steps, reinstalling the game could also work. Sometimes a fresh installation is what you need to get things running smooth again. There you go, simple steps to fix any crash related problems with Outriders. Hope this guide has been helpful.


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