Outriders PS4 – How to Fix e434de73 Error Code

Is the game crashing with the error code e434de73 on your PS4 ? You have come to the right place. Lets find out the way to fix this problem.

Outriders PS4 – How to Fix e434de73 Error Code

Seems like a lot of PlayStation users are facing this problem. The game would crash randomly with an error code of e434de73 . There isn’t any official fix to this but lets see what are the ways we can actually fix this error.

Corrupted Save Data could be the reason :

Normally the most common reasons for a game crashing on the PS4 are corrupted save data files. The file gets corrupted while the game is getting saved and this causes the game to crash randomly or at a particular point everytime. The way to fix this is to remove any local save data files.

  • Select the Settings option from the console menu
  • Then click on Storage
  • From the list that we get we need to select Saved Data 
  • Now select Outriders and press Options button on the controller
  • On the right side locate and hit the Delete option
  • Then select the save data files and hit Delete again .
  • This will remove the local save data files from your console.

Database Errors could be the reason :

Database errors could also be another reason for the error code. Normally Resetting or Rebuilding the database fixes the problem. Its like having the required data in the right order so that it can be pulled up by the system whenever necessary. If the system fails to pull up required data it tends to crash or show up an error code. This is how you can fix any database errors :

  • Turn Off the console completely for 5 minutes. Making sure there are no lights on it. Also unplug the power cable.
  • Then plug the cable back and press and hold the power button
  • You will hear a beep when you press it and another one after 8-9 seconds.
  • This is when you let go of the power button and the console will boot up in Safe Mode. This will also clear out the cached data.
  • Next plug in the controller to the USB and press the PS button as prompted on the screen
  • Then select the option Rebuild Database.
  • It will take a while, depending on the amount of data you have in your storage device.

There you go , hopefully these two steps will fix the issue for you. Enjoy the game.


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