Outriders – Users cannot Download the game from Steam | Downloading problem or error

If you are unable to download Outriders from Steam and wondering how to fix this problem then you have come to the right place .

Outriders – Users cannot Download the game from Steam | Downloading problem or error

There could be many possible reasons why an user might not be able to download a game from steam. Lets find out the ways we can get this fixed. But before we get there , I just want to say that the game requires 70gb of disk space which is definitely not low. Therefore it takes time before the disk space is allocated. Hence it might seem stuck when it is actually not. Just give it sometime and check. If you still do not see a progress click on the play button and you will see a small box appear. See if the bar is getting filled or not. If not then try out these steps.

Restarting Steam Client as well as your PC :

Try restarting steam. Normally a simple app restart fixes the issue. If it doesn’t go for a PC reboot. This will not only reset the system state but also clear out the system cache. He restarts your internet as well. Hence it is pretty useful. May help in getting the issue fixed.

Clearing any Download Cache:

Download Cache could very well prevent you from downloading a game. Therefore it is better you have it cleared

  • Open Steam Client
  • On the top left click on Steam option.
  • Click on Settings.
  • From the Left side panel click on Downloads
  • Then Click on Clear Download Cache

Repairing your Steam Library Folder:

Your steam folder has to be writable by all users. It requires a special user permission. If somehow this permission does not work or rather the link is broken then you would face downloading issues.

  • Open Steam Client
  • On the top left locate Steam option
  • Click on Settings.
  • From the Left side Panel click on Downloads
  • Click on Steam Library Folders
  • You will get to see the folder you have steam installed in. Right click on the folder and select Repair Library Folder

Changing your Download Region :

Steam servers are dividing according to specific geographic locations to benefit users with faster download speeds. Sometimes the server in a  region can get blocked or overloaded or maybe incapable of performing due to a technical problem. For such cases steam allows us to change our download region so that we can have better download speeds.

  • Open Steam Client
  • On the top left locate the Steam option
  • Click on Settings.
  • On the Left Panel click on Downloads
  • You will see a drop down arrow right underneath Download Region. Click on it and you will get a list of regions you can choose from. Choose a different region and press Ok. You might have to try a few region before you get the right one
  • Restart Steam.

There you go , hopefully these steps would fix any download related issues with Outriders.


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