Persona 4 Golden PC – Lagging Cutscenes – How to fix

The wait had been for 8 years and now it is finally here. Persona 4 Golden was released for PC and we are all loving it. However, there is bit of a problem reported by the users. The cutscenes seem to lag and this is very annoying considering an 8-year wait.  We just expected it to be super smooth and well-optimized. So is there a fix?

Persona 4 Golden PC – Lagging Cutscenes – How to fix

Before we go into the fix we must know what is causing the lag. The game runs with Denuvo DRM which we can refer to as the black sheep. Seems like this is the reason why we have so much lag in the cutscenes. The opening cinematic is barely playable and so is the audio which is more or less skipping all over the place.

Even though a few might have fixed the issue by shifting the game to an SSD but there is no confirmation of this. Looks like waiting for a patch fix by the developers is the only option for now since even users with high-end setups complained about the same thing.

Can there be a temporary fix?

Yes, certainly!

At least we can give it a try and see if it  can actually fix the lag :

  • In-game go to Graphics Settings
  • Turn off V-Sync
  • Change Screen Mode to Windowed Borderless
  • Make sure the drivers are updated
If this works for you then please let us know. Let’s hope it does.

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