PES 2022 PS4 PS5 Xbox – Game Keeps Crashing Always | How to fix Crash

If eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 crashing and freezing on your PlayStation and Xbox consoles then you have come to the right place. Lets find out how we can easily get this problem fixed.


PES 2022 PS4 PS5 Xbox – Game Keeps Crashing Always | How to fix Crash

EFootball PES 2022 had made a very interesting move this year. They decided to make the game absolutely free for all users. Yes, you are just a download away from this amazing football game. I always like PES and its graphics. The players looked really good , even better than FIFA to be honest. However there are many consoles users who are complaining about the game randomly crashing on all consoles. How do we get it fixed ? Lets find out

How to Solve the Problem ?

There could be many reasons why PES 2022 could be crashing on your console. It could be an issue with the update or the software version of your console. I could be a corrupted local save or it could even be database errors.

Make sure the console and PES 2022 is up to date 

Since we do not know which could be the exact reason for the crash we might try one step at a time and check if it works.

PS4 :

Follow these steps if you have a PS4 :

  • Go to Settings >> Storage >>Saved Data>> eFootball PES 2022
  • Now just press options on the controller and select all the saves available and then select Delete 

Xbox :

Follow these steps if you have an Xbox

  • My Games and Apps >> eFootball PES 2022>> Press menu button >> Manage games & add-ons>> Saved data
  • You have to individually select the save files and then select Delete from everywhere

How to fix Database errors for PlayStation Consoles ?

Database errors are pretty common on the PlayStation. Every app or game that you use on the console needs access to certain data which helps it run. if the data is not available the game would most probably crash leaving behind error codes. Fixing database errors is like re-arranging data in a better way so that the game can easily access it. Its like keeping stuff in your house properly so that you can get them whenever you looked for them. This is how we fix it :

  • Turn of your PlayStation console making sure there are no lights and also unplug the power cable. Leave it unplugged for 5 minutes. This will clear out the Cached Data for you PS4 
  • Now plug in the chords and press an hold the power button until you hear the second beep. After you let go the console will boot in Safe Mode.
  • Connect the Controller with the USB and press the PS button. For your PS4 you get an option saying Rebuild Database. For your PS5 you will get Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database. Click on these options depending on your console . For PS5 you will get two  options – Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database .  Clear the Cache first and then rebuild the database.
  • This will take a while so please be patient and do not turn off the console while the database is being rebuilt.

How to Clear Persistent Storage on Xbox ?

This is how you clear Cached data or Persistent data on Xbox :

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Devices and Streaming
  • Now select Blu Ray
  • And finally click on Clear Persistent Storage

Many users wont have the Blu Ray option. All you need to to do is turn off the console and take out the power plug for 5 minutes. Then turn it back on. You will see the Xbox Logo . That would mean the cached data is cleared.

Do you use the Xbox Insider Hub (Xbox Series S and X only) ?

This app has worked wonders for users who would complained about games randomly crashing. This app allows you to experience features and updates beforehand while they are still being developed. Once you have enrolled for its membership select this :

Xbox Inside Hub>>Xbox Update Preview>Manage>>Select Xbox Update Preview Alpha Skip-Ahead

Just ignore the fact that says  “Users may encounter bugs” and go for it. Trust me you will see the difference.

There you go , easy steps on how to quickly fix eFootball PES 2022 from crashing on your console. If this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section below.

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